Five Hundy by Midnight 254: Magic and Munchies

Las Vegas podcast #254 includes:

  • Obama opener
  • Tim has magical powers
  • Lance Burton official announcement
  • Cosmopolitan announces opening
  • Prive closes
  • Munchbar at Caesars Palace markets to stoners
  • Double Helix offers wine ice cream
  • Wyrick Theater changes hands
  • Star Trek Experience isn’t reopening
  • Harrah’s ups the ante on all-day buffet deals
  • Listener calls about Wynn’s Web site, Golden Nugget, Firefly, Level 107, cabbies, tattoo joints, Aria, Chippendales, Todd English P.U.B., Earl of Sandwich and much more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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32 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 254: Magic and Munchies

  1. Pierre is just the greatest – I’m not sure it ain’t Tim himself doing a great impression of a Frenchman.

  2. Anyone who has heard any of my prerecorded bits knows I’m not capable of coming up with anything as great as Pierre’s calls.

  3. happy diamond status…take me with you; I don’t mind the snobery

  4. Tim,
    Congrats on Diamond Status. I was hoping they would give it to you.

    To the gentleman who inquired about a midpriced steak house – Tim you’re right on the money with the Circus Circus Steakhouse. I ate there two trips ago (mid 2009) and the atmosphere feels like you’re not even in Circus Circus. The place is decked out in dark stained wood, and has the feel of a much more expensive place. When you walk in they also have a room with a window in which they age their steaks. Service was terrific – both at the bar and restaurant. Believe I ordered a fillet, and unlike the more expensive places I did not have to order sides separately. They really don’t have a real kitchen. Rather, there’s a station in the middle of the restaurant that has a grill and cooking station. Makes it kind of cool as you get to watch them cook. They scooped the mashed potatoes and veggies from a serving dish and put them on the plate after the steaks were ready. That said the veggies were still good. Very good value for what I paid – about $60.

    It’s not going to be as good as DelMonico, Prime or SW at Wynn, but the steak was definitely better than some of the standards chains, such as Black Angus, Texas BBQ, and Red Lobster, I’ve been to. If you’re looking for a mid priced steak place you won’t be disappointed with the Circus Steak House!

    Thanks for the great show.



  5. I second the suggestion of the Steakhouse at Circus Circus. We ate there 2 years ago and it was absolutely great. Steak was very good as was the salad and bread. We are going back again when we make our Anniversary trips in June this year.


  6. Hey Tim, I just booked MSP to Vegas for $250 RT including taxes on Southwest in early June. Just thought I’d pass that along since I couldn’t touch anything lower than $300 on other airlines, as you mentioned. One stop in Denver, but not bad.

    Just no opportunity to upgrade to first class on the listener’s dime!

  7. Anybody (else) watch The Amazing Race on Sunday and notice the Marina Bay Sands in the background of a lot of shots?

  8. Landed in Las Vegas today after listening to the show on the flight in.
    The first taxi driver was quick and friendly the second however was not.After a shop at one store I had him drive to pick up the rest of the party across the road where he had to wait 3 mins.While I was unloading the trunk with no help he was demanding more money from the other people insisting that 20% tip was not good enough for having to wait.I can’t complain because I am here but the bad taxi drivers have gotten worse… the good ones are still here too.

  9. Finally had a chance to listen to the latest. Pierre, you’re a douche, but I still laughed out loud. Which is always a little uncomfortable when in public. Lots of stares. As for steak houses, I’ve never been, but was going to ask, I heard Nine was really good for the price. Anyone know for sure? Also, has anyone actually come across a dream card vp machine? I looked and looked back in Feb, but couldn’t find it. I’m off May 24!

  10. hey t & m, i am racking my brain to think about where i saw the airplane machines because i know i saw them but the weekend was a bit of a blur. i think i saw them in the nugget. also my friends paid the $25 hold fee because they were checking in late and wanted to make sure they had a smoking room. yeah wack fees suck.

  11. Tangential Notes culled from this episode:

    CarrotTop Collision: Three celebrities whose dramatic and quick transformation from Average Joe to Joe Wieder body type is/was creepy:

    1) Joe Piscopo (old school)
    2) Anthony Michael Hall (semi-old school) and
    3) CarrotTop

    Prime: Went to Prime a few years ago with a group of friends and at some point early on some in-house party pic guy comes out and corralls us into some group picture, comes back 30 minutes later with these developed shots in nice little folders, and when we tell him we aren’t interested in buying any, he abruptly snaps them closed, snatches them up off the table and storms off. My point: We’re there to eat steak and hang out, not to memorialize our Prom Night. Having a party pic guy there whose purpose was to get you to overpay for a group shot that you could have taken yourselves for free, seemed like cheesy move by such an upscale joint. I wonder if they still have him?

    Pierre: Can’t decide it he’d be funnier if he didn’t sound like he just shot up on horse tranquilizers or not.

  12. Richard,
    give Pierre a break. He’s obviously speaking a foreign language.

  13. I was referring more to his languid cadence, Peter, than his grasp of English (which is much better than my French, I must say.) And I think the jury is still split in the community on whether Pierre is actually from France…

  14. Wherever Pierre is from, he certainly sounds like he’s a put-on.

    Honestly though, which would you rather he be? If he’s for real, he’s an ego-maniacal stereotypical Frenchman who seems to like going to Vegas. If he’s a put-on then we’re being entertained by an ego-maniacal characterture of a Frenchman who likes Vegas.

  15. Did You review the latest changes in the bus transportation systems of the strip and downtown area in a recent podcast?
    Pros and cons and if you have listeners reports to play on the new service The ACE.
    Thank You.

  16. I’ve had steaks at n9ne, nove, strip steak and craftsteak. They’re all pretty similar price-wise, but N9ne is my favorite. Their porterhouse is almost too big, the filet is just right if you don’t want to feel bloated. Not sure if it’s a rub or marinade, but just love the flavor.

    I’ve read that envy is supposed to be a great value, though it’s off strip. You can buy significantly discounted gift certs at, wait for it…

  17. Harrumph… There’s no old school podcast this week. Harrumph….

    I didn’t get a Harrumph outta that guy…

  18. Leaving next Wednesday. Tick tok tick tok. Is Hash house a gogo open all night? Thinking I want a drunk 3 am breakfast. Staying at Rio for the 4 night stay, looking forward to eating, golfing, and drinking.

  19. I assume you’re talking about the IP, which is open 7am-11pm Sun-Thurs and 7am-2am Fri-Sat.

    P.S. – I apologize if this is a duplicate. The new Opera mini for the IPhone still has some bugs.

  20. I stand by my comments about Vic and Anthony’s for an Amazing steak. There’s no gourmet touches, but the service and quality is 4 stars. No pretty plate apps which get the people erect with glee. I highly reccomend this as a guys night out move. Best ribeye in town, sorry Crafsteak, N9NE, and even Carnevino. Although for a full on, two hour dinner I’d prefer Crafsteak or Carnevino, and have visited both many times and loved them. The steak served at Vic and Anthony’s plays with the big boys– and it’s not cheap, but it’s 20 dollars a cut less than other places.

  21. Hmmmm…


    You sneaky bastard. I’m ashamed it took me that long to figure out.

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