Five Hundy by Midnight 263: U-S-A, U-S-A

Las Vegas podcast #263 includes:

  • Artie Lange opener
  • Project Linq lives
  • Cosmopolitan is overpriced
  • Kardashian-specific retail project gets a name
  • Cheap Trick gets an extension
  • B Connected takes on Club Coast
  • Downtown gets a new lounge
  • Riviera opens Queen Victoria Pub
  • Listener calls about late-night burritos, Goldfish slots, Mon Ami Gabi, Surrender at Encore and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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19 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 263: U-S-A, U-S-A

  1. To the dude who is seeking a burrito place – I belive the foodcourt in the shocase mall (in between the MGM Grand and World of Coke) has a Del Taco. Don’t know how late it is open though.

  2. Queen Vic pub at Riviera ? Wonder if it will follow (one of ) the most famous Pubs ( Queen Victoria, Eastenders ) in England which is due to be burnt to the ground this Summer for a rebuild.

  3. It’s showing in iTunes. If you subscribe, it will download shortly after it’s posted, whether or not it’s showing in the iTunes podcast directory.

  4. I am listening to your latest podcast. Tell Rob from Boston to check out the Hard Rock hotel and Casino. They have a 24/7 restaurant Mr. Lucky’s that has under appetizers Chicken Quesadilla’s (close), and maybe something else like burritos. Also at the Hard Rock Hotel the Pink Taco is open Sun – Thurs 11AM to 10PM and Frid and Sat 11AM-12AM – I went on the hotel website and these were the times posted under each restaurant. Hope this helps

  5. I have tried many places in the great burrito search and have always came up blank. Looking between the hours of 1-4 am. Seems like this is the only thing I cannot find to eat.

    The Grand Lux Venetian. Large menu, and open late. No burrito, but offers a mexican skillet.

    Mr. Lucky’s Hard Rock. No burrito on the menu, but has amazing nachos, and offers fajitas.

    Burrito stand at the Venetian. Closes around 10.

    Burrito stand at the O’sheas food court. Closes around 10.

    Pink Taco Hard Rock. Closes around 10.

    Mexican restaurant in New York New York. Closes at 10.

    Monte Carlo food court burrito stand. Closes around 10-11.

    My search will continue until my burrito craving is satisfied.

  6. Vegas Mate has just been installed and updated on my iphone. Lets see if this helps in my burrito quest.

  7. The best food in England is Indian food, followed by Greek food, etc etc etc. Domestic food ranks extraordinarily low in their own country.

    Late night Burrito place… Taco’s de Mexico. There are a few around town, one is almost across the street from In and Out Burger on Flamingo across the freeway from the strip. There’s also one up Sahara a little further west near Valley View & Sahara.

    Also, there’s Roberto’s.

    Both these places are 24 hour shops.

    In Boston, at the rally when the Patriots won the Superbowl, they started to chant “Yankees Suck”, does that kind of misguided pride count?

    Speaking of Slot machines, it seems that Wizard of Oz is becoming a franchise unto itself. There are about 5 distinctly different versions that I’ve seen so far.

    That’s all I got this week. Great show again, even if it was a little short.

  8. … and the Cheap Trick deal really does end and the end of July. Tried to book tickets the following week, and the TRZOO option isn’t even offered. Oh well.

    Also, we’ve got a friend staring at the Riv next week (shoulda talked to us first), so we’ll get a report on the Queen Vic Pub. We’ll post it here or call.

    ditto on the great show but short.

  9. Diablo’s Cantina at Monte Carlo has burritos. The restaurant closes at 11PM but the bar is open until 2AM. I don’t know if the burritos are on the bar menu.

  10. O.K. Vegas Tripping and Thestripbroadcast have announced October 30. Waiting for Hunter.


  11. Awhile back there was discussion about a strip casino bar crawl in the format of a golf round (18 holes/bars/drinks). Anyone know where I can find info on the rules, route, etc.

    Yeah I know I can make up whatever I want it to be but if someone already designed something I’d be interested to see it.

  12. I did the strip casino bar crawl with a buddy of mine a few years back. We started at 8:30 am with the goal to have at least one drink at any bar at each casino on the strip (from Mandalay to Strat). It worked out to be 28ish or so drinks (we took notes but they kinda got sloppy near the end). We finished at about 2:00 am. We consider it one of our “Drinking Feats of Strength.”

    This might be a bit much for what you’re looking for though.

  13. Checked out the Queen Victoria’s Pub menu. The restaurant is open 24/7. It looks authentic. At least creepy enough to keep me out. They have this one entree called Toad In The Hole. It was a lot of fun to walk around thinking about it before I finally looked it up in Google.

  14. So we heard back about the Queen Victoria Pub. Place looks okay, and menu looks okay. Reasonably priced. Food was also okay. With a report like that we’ll have to check it out ourselves in two weeks and report back with a little more DETAIL.

  15. RRR

    On our old (awful) website we did a podcast with photos on booze golf. I think that might be what you are remembering. Anyway, here is the woefully outdated scorecard:

    2 things we learned:

    1. Should be more linear. Start at Encore and head to Mandalay Bay, or vice versa

    2. The different drinks at each place was a recipe for disaster. Stick with one throughout. Saki Bomb at TI = Beginning of the end.

    We are doing another round for a buddy’s upcoming bachelor party, here is the tentative updated scorecard:

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