Five Hundy by Midnight 266: A Little Rage, Needless to Say

Las Vegas podcast #266 includes:

  • Center of the World opener
  • Plaza and Vegas Club renovation plans
  • Wasted Space is closing
  • Al Dente has closed
  • Frozen drink bars are springing up everywhere
  • Las Vegas Hilton offers $10 to skip room cleaning
  • Rehab TV show returns
  • Tim and Michele unbottle a little rage
  • Trip report about rooms at Paris and Golden Nugget; gambling at Planet Hollywood; dining at Munchbar, The Palm, Hussong’s, MOzen Bistro, Yolo’s and KGB Burger; and drinking at Downtown Cocktail Room
  • Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza details
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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46 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 266: A Little Rage, Needless to Say

  1. GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GO MICHELE! AWESOME! It hit a nerve with me too for you both. Wow, I thought Tim was the one that was gonna go off. See “podcast mission statement.” (ok that may be an inside joke) That was exactly the way I felt for you both when I read that dumb ass comment. Thanks Michele! I needed for one of you to do exactly that. Tim your comments are right on the money too. Loved the way you both handled it.

  2. You two should rant more often. Loved it. 🙂 No, seriously, don’t let the occasional jerk like that get to you. (I know, easier said than done.) You have every right to have a vacation in Las Vegas without involving your listeners if you want to. I can relate to the introvert thing. It IS difficult to “throw a party” which is essentially what a meetup is and be “on” all the time. It’s very stressful. And as for the people saying you “need” to do this or that…I usually assume those are just suggestions, not directives, and treat them as such. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  3. We’re down at Horseshoe Southern Indiana and all the slot machines are being turned off as customers leave them. They had a computer upgrade go terribly wrong. They say it was Harrah’s system wide. How’s Vegas doing???

    Here they had to do handpays for any amount of payout. Most took 2 hours to get paid, but I heard one gal say it was 5 hours for her.

    Are they rioting in Vegas?

  4. I forsee “Cock-juggling thunder cunt!” on the front with a five hundy logo on the back showing up on a few T-shirts.

  5. Tim & Michele

    Great podcast. Long time listener.

    My wife and I are off to the Vegas next week for our 12th trip since 2005 and have adjusted a couple of our eating plans based on today’s show. Breakfast @ the Mandarin O is now on the list. We will also be making our first extended trip down to Fremont St. based on your past reports and today’s info.

    Tim, RE: the troll who posted the silly comment: good for you for taking it on. Agree with your position 100%. CT appears to have other issues and is tracking their dirty shoes through your house, so to speak.

    Michele, RE: the “CJTC” comment: I humbly suggest that it tops “I want my meat and I want it now” (I think that was the famous line from a past show).

    Cheers and best wishes to both of you.

    Needless to say, great work and we all enjoy listening .

  6. I have never laughed so hard as when Michelle called that douche a “cock juggling thunder cunt”. Thank you so much for an entertaining podcast beyond compare. I would love to know where she came up with that!! I could tell you were in Vegas from your tweets but that only made me look forward to the next podcast. Don’t understand the attitude of CT on that post.

  7. Cunt juggling thunder cocks and Vegas Internet mafia!!!!!

    LOL!!!!! Great Show!!!!

  8. I want to appologize again for starting it all. You two have every right to go to Vegas on your own without involving us and it was a shame that your frienly tweets caused the CT comment which was totally out of line, even though it may have been intended to be sarcasm gone wrong.

    With repsect to the introvert in you, I agree wholeheartedly. I am actually quite apprehensive about meeting you two as well as Steve and Miels along with Vegas Gang in October. OTOH I wouildn’t miss it for the world but intend to hang in the sideline and enjoy every minute.

    Haven’t finished listening yet (it is in the car) but do agree that CJTC is one great line, although I haven;t heard a lovely lady use the “C” word in a while. 🙂


  9. Best show ever, Michelle you ROCK!!! ‘Cock juggling thunder cunt’ will become legendary!!

    I guess it’s inevitable that among thousands of listeners there will be a few assholes, don’t let them get to you, the vast majority of us love the show.

    To the few assholes out there, if you don’t like the show then don’t fucking listen to it you moron!!

  10. I wish I could take credit for the CJTC term, but it’s from the show Weeds. Thanks to everyone for their support!

  11. Dan,

    If it makes you feel any better about your apprehension, I’ll share this from last year.

    When I went to Bill’s last year for the meetup on Friday night, I walked by everbody TWICE without saying anything. Totally petrified, I finally had to say to myself “this if fucking ridiculous”. Third time worked. It wasn’t a huge group, Tim & Michele, Dave Lifton, Alonzo and 2-3 people whose names I cannot remember, but still absolutely terrifying for me. Everybody was fabulous.

    Point is you are not alone and you’ll be amongst friends in this group, whether you’ve actually met them or not.

  12. Havn’t had a chance to listen to the podcast yet. (in just a few minutes, I’ll start deliverin the mail, and it’s number 1 on the playlist!). By these posts, I can see I have a lot to look forward to!

    I just wanted to let those with apprehension know that both Tim and Michelle were very gracious, and ALOT of fun to spend a couple hours with at the meetup that I got to attend. As well as all of the other fundy fans! I’m sure a couple pitchers of drinks helped loosen the situation up, but I doubt they’d have any meet ups without it, so there ya go!

    Ya know, I think every time you guys go to Vegas, you should have a meet……ok, sorry. Too soon?

    ANYWAYS, off to listen to what I’m sure will be a top 5 podcast!

    Have a great day all!

  13. Haven’t heard the show yet, I’m travelling from the UK to St Louis next week and I was hoping to have a couple of shows to listen to during my 18 hour jouney. With so many comments within 24 hours of the show airing I don’t know if I can wait until my flight to listen.

    I agree with the many other listeners that you should be able to have a trip in peace. I’ve been listening since it was Tim on his own in the basement, but have never timed a trip to be able to join a meet up.

    I do have the honour of being the first listener to know what you looked like without having met you, after finding a photo of you both on Flickr when searching for FHBM, but as requested by Tim, I kept it secret. Now you’re famous you advertise a couple of trips a year for listeners to meet up with you but you should be entitled to a couple in peace.

    I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see if I can hold out until next week to listen.

  14. I’ll throw my lot in again with those who agree that the CT comment was way out of line and you guys handled it superbly. Entirely justified in your rage on that point.

    And while, from his comments on the show, sounds like Tim was increasingly torqued up by suggestions from others to do/see certain things, I DO feel bad for the Twitter guy that got flambe’d. From my perspective, he was just perhaps a slightly overzealous fan of the show just trying to give the same tips most of us do on here and in phone calls. I do think that Tim felt bad about that afterwards. I’d concur with an earlier poster that when someone says “You should do this…” it’s more of a suggestion, than a demand.

    That being said, I was a little disappointed that the title of the show this week was not “I Am Not Your Dancing Monkey.” [Insert smiley emoticon here, winking with perhaps tongue sticking out and maybe some sort of bracket “hat”.]

    Thanks again for the awesome service you guys provide, looking forward to hearing more about the trip!

  15. Well, that made for an interesting commute this morning. At the famous moment in the broadcast:

    ‘Cock-juggling thunder cunt!’.

    I said to myself out loud.. “Wait, what?” Followed by my rewinding the podcast.

    ‘Cock-juggling thunder cunt!’.

    Wait, no really? Rewind.

    ‘Cock-juggling thunder cunt!’.

    . Alrighty then.

  16. This week made me laugh so hard that coffee nearly shot out of my nose. It made me miss commuting with Chris, as it’s always better to laugh at five hundy with a friend.

  17. what Tim & Michelle? you do the five hundy blog as a labor of love? you miss opportunities to “grow” the five hundy “brand” and increase you internet celebrity? you’re going to vegas to drink and gamble and not to hawk five hundy t-shirts?
    ha ha that’s why we love you.
    i have to say my trips to vegas are always nicely spiced with restaurants and bars picked up from you and the listeners. your show makes me look like an insider to my friends and you can’t put a price on that.
    i’m glad you enjoyed the nugget. i can’t wait to try the mixologist cocktail bar downtown. just wanted you to know that there are many of us who appreciate all you do. you both rock.

  18. Can I get some opinions on Mirage vs TI? I have stayed at Mirage twice and I enjoy the hotel and have had great experiences. I think of the Mirage as being above TI with service and elegance.

    The TI rooms are both larger and cheaper, but how do the quality of the rooms compare, or service at the hotel? Is it worth paying more for the smaller rooms at Mirage? Thanks.

  19. Interesting and timely subject matter. My crew and I just ran into a similar situaiton as we set up a “virgin crap roll” on our pre-trip report on VMB. Somehow half the cast of “to Catch A Predator” had self invited and insteas of buying 21 yr old girls beers to roll 7 and 11, I am suddely being offered lunch with 66 yr old men in turtle necks.


    I am going to have to learn stealth and meet avoidance from you guys. I spent half my last triop answering calls from one particular boob whom I madehte eroor of givbing my cel phone. no meet was made thank god.

    still it is tough to be nice yet firmly communicate that alhtough you provide vegas coverage, it is a side note to your vacation, not your job.

    And you are so right, it isn’t not wanting to meet great people. I’m sure they are all a blast. Its not wanting to feel you have to be “on” when you could just be a drunk grouch at a 3 play machine doing what you love.

    Don’t sweat these mofos. And 9,000 pts on Harrahs one trip, that is some serious $1 level 10 play for a lot of hours! well done!

    to Adam: If you are interested in quality and service why would you even talk TI or Mirage. They are hasbeen grind shops now. Try Palazzo., small play give big offer.

  20. Stayed at TI in 2008, we’d previously stayed at Venetian and Bellagio but decided to reduce our costs. Room was good for the money we paid, smaller than we were used to but very clean and the bed was super comfy. When I lay in bed at night with the drapes open I could see the big sparkly gold Treasure Island sign which was nice.

    The service was fine, good bar staff at the main bar in the centre of the casino and every morning my husband nipped down to get us a Starbucks while I spent longer than him getting ready. The security was even better though my husband may disagree.

    When I checked in I was asked if I wanted to add anybody to the room, I said my husband was with me but as we never charge anything to the room I wasn’t bothered about adding him – major mistake.

    On our 1st or 2nd night we got back to the no-smoking room and my husband decided to go back to the casino floor for a cigarette before bed (he’d had quite a few drinks). After smoking he came back up to the 16th floor but couldn’t remember our room number and all the corridors and rooms look alike.

    He went back to the check-in desks to ask which room he was in, as I hadn’t added him to the room, the female clerk wouldn’t tell him the room number, and told him very firmly that if he went near the elevators he would be removed from the property by security!!! Nice and safe for drunk guests already in their rooms, not so good for drunk guests who can’t find their rooms.

    About an hour later when he’d sobered up a little, he went back to the check-in desks, explained his problem to a male clerk who suggested he ring the room and speak to me. As the phone started to ring the clerk almost threw the phone to my husband knowing he was waking me up. After I stopped laughing, I told my husband our room number so he could sheepishly come back up to the 16th floor.

    So if you decide to go to TI make sure you know you’re room number.

    It’s now almost 2 years since we were there and I’m a low roller but I’m still getting offers for comp rooms mid-week (or very cheap at weekends) plus food & beverage and/or slot credit etc.

  21. What a great rant! I’d be willing to bet that the spotty Paypal donations don’t cover the costs associated with the Podcast, such as bandwidth, mixing boards, recording equipment, alcoholic beverages for the recording session, dog treats, etc. I’m sure T&M don’t want to even talk about that part of it. I recall early on Tim describing that putting the show on takes a fair amount of time and effort, and when I thought about it myself I came to the realization that there’s no way I would have enough time to do what they do. I really appreciate the “free” information and updates I receive about Vegas, and the preparation both do for this show. At any time they could pull the plug on Five Hundy, and I’m certain their lives would be much easier. I’m glad they know that the idiots are the minority, and the vast majority of us fans love and appreciate hearing about not only T&M’s Vegas trips but all of the colorful listener trip reports.

    I enjoy hearing your opinions, as well as everyone else’s. We all have different tastes in Vegas. I’m more of a downtown fan than Tim and Michelle…I like the lower limits and the lower douche-ratio, but I’m always interested to hear about what’s going on over at the Strip properties and places I wouldn’t normally go.

    When I heard about the mattress poker tournament, and the fact that they have a monkey-mascot, I wondered if this was some sort of low-budget attempt at Monkey Poker Dome.

    Anyway, thanks for all you do. I really appreciate it.

  22. This comes as a complete surprise to those of us who thought the show jumped the shark more than a year ago.

  23. Of the Dente.

    So funny this episode, really good. Still informative. The thing I like about you as opposed to other Vegas Tourist podcasts is that in amongst all of that you give us tourists the info and reviews and it isnt one massive clique. Loved this episode so much.

  24. Please guys you have to warn me.

    I eagerly await every p-cast (for the last several years) because I listen to them in the gym whilst huffing and grunting etc. So there I am lifting weights, trying to be quiet at 5:30 in the morning when, without warning, Michele drops CJTC. This caused me to swallow my tongue trying in vain to stifle a full-on guffaw. I was unsuccessful and witnessed a few odd glances from gym-mates. And Tim, you’re just as much at fault. The “douche lid” snuck up on me. No stopping my reaction to that one. It forced an early exit from the gym so I could parrot “douche lid” a few times and enjoy it without onlooker recrimination.

    Permission to use CJTC and Douche-Lid as much as possible at my workplace today?

  25. Why do I get a much different mental picture when you say “Queen Show on Freemont Street” than what was likely streamed by Tim.

    Tim> After listening for years now, FHBM jumped the shark about the third? “lost” episode.

  26. Every time I see a fedora-wearing hipster I think of Dan Hedaya’s line from Clueless.

    “What’s with you, kid? You think the death of Sammy Davis left an opening in the Rat Pack?”

  27. You guys never disappoint!!! Always look forward to hearing the newest happenings from Vegas. Always learn something new. Almost as good as being there, not quite. You wouldn’t have such a great following if you guys weren’t so much fun to listen to and so informative. Look so forward to hearing every podcast you do. Always love the listener calls, too!!

  28. 2 other very good deals at Palm. #1 is the businessman’s lunch… 3 courses for $18.95-$23.95 (depending on location). #2 is the 837 Club. $25 to join but you get a $25 gift card and monthly email specials.

  29. Hey WTF….podcast palozza (the palozza of all podcasting I assume) is at the Flamingo GO pool. Isn’t that a bottom only, adult only, ‘silicones on display’ pool?? Simple logic seems to be pointing toward one unavoidable, disturbing conclusion…topless podcast palozza!?!

    say it ain’t so Fonzie!

  30. Wow, just found this podcast…Amazing!! I love it. Thank you so much. I have a trip to Vegas in 2 weeks so the timing is perfect. CJTC is hilarious and will be used at any opportunity in my house.

  31. Awesome vent show, guy and gal!
    Update on the Queen Rock You slots. In Mesquite we have 3 casinos all of which HAD the Queen slots and it seems that Aruze (the slot manufacture) had other plans for those machines. All 6 of the Queen machines have had their themes changed to either Bow-Wow Bucks or Vampire and the Beauty. The Buffet that I work at had a Queen slot right out front and it was the best part of my day when someone hit the bonus! Now there are dogs barking all the time. Stupid change and I’m going to miss them. :'(

  32. hey t & m, don’t know if you mentioned this but i just saw get him to the greek. there is some vegas footage including a visit to the rat pack is back and a scene in the firefly. good stuff.

  33. My favorite part of this podcast was hearing about Tim’s burrito. No, but seriously, how late can I order one of those??

  34. Way to overreact to a snarky comment and to misinterpret tweets. Someone needs a hug.

    Sorry, “You should get a hug”.

    Also, I have several hats.

  35. I totally diagree.

    CT’s commnet was totally out of line and I was particularily upset that it happended just after my mentioning your visit, which i riterate was totally innocent.

    Anyway, it’s been a while since a podcast had garnered 40 responses so some good comes of it.

    See you soon.


  36. Thanks for all the Palm tips, I probably never would have eaten there ($$$$$) but those deals are great. No Vegas trip planned soon but I’m definitely going to try and make it to the one here.

  37. MIA: I was just thinking how long it’s been since we’ve heard from Macca (sp?) and Troy from Las Vegas. They used to be regular callers with really good calls but it’s been awhile for both of them, especially Macca.

  38. Thanks again for helping me survive the past few months forced labor breaking rocks with hammers while preparing for my next vegas trip. Your sense of humor and commentary on things from the same point of view as the average Vegas fanatic truly strikes a cord with me.

    If any of the members and fans here wish to follow some lame hijinx this upcoming weekend, I, BeeeJay, will be reporting LIVE from the Mandarin Oriental along with some bigger names from the Vegas boards, Jason, Macker, and Alexanbo. We would love to have you follow us on our live report and offer any advice be it waking up in the streets and making a classy reenry to the Mandarin Oriental, or how to maximize comps during the walk of shame. Either way, we look forward to hopefully entertianing you and hearing from you on our live report beginning in full force on Thursday (slightly up and revving teh engiines now_)

  39. The one person who comes to mind who can pull off a fedora today is Matt Bomer on the show White Collar. Great show by the way, it’s set in NYC but deals with art heists and has a very Oceans 11 vibe.

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