Five Hundy by Midnight 267: The Game

Las Vegas podcast #267 includes:

  • Five Hundy: The Drinking Game
  • Listener calls about cabs vs. shuttles, Stripsteak, Yolo, Firefly, Sinatra, Encore’s smell, strip clubs vs. go-go girls, doughnuts, Hash House, Wynn players club promos, BLT Burger, Club Grazie, Mesa Grill, Steve Wynn’s veganism, Goldfish, Cheap Trick and more
  • Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza details
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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23 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 267: The Game

  1. Steve Wynn is Veggie now ? Cool for me -I am gonna go get a Sinatra Soy Steak at SM Steakhouse!

  2. Lots of great tips in this episode, your listeners rock! I’m very pleased to hear about the Vegan menus at Wynn properties. I’m not a vegetarian myself, but sometimes, I do like to eat meatless meals, and so it’s nice to have some more options besides buffets.

  3. Mike E. Hilarious drunk dial from you this week. I love that hash tag thing.

  4. I figured out who CJ is. He’s one half of that “Mission Statement” Podcast duo!

    Additions to the drinking show:

    Someone mentions Twitter? Drink.
    New Douchewear mention? Drink. Drink twice if Tim or Michele claim to have seen it. Finish off the glass if you personally know someone that proudly sports said fashion faux pax.
    If a caller mentions the same website more than once during a call, drink each additional time that website is mentioned.
    If Tim stops a call to interject his opinion on a phone call, drink. If the term “full of shit” is used, take another drink. Down the glass if Tim’s the one you think is “full of shit”.
    If Michele drops an F-Bomb, drink.
    If Michele drops a Cock Juggling Thunder Cunt reference, drink.
    If Tim tops cold and begins to stutter in disbelief at Michele’s unscripted reaction, gulp. If Michele’s reaction exceeds 20 seconds, drink again. If Michele’s reaction includes 3 or more of George Carlin’s 7 Dirty Words, down the glass.

  5. So I’m late to this, but a call on today’s show made me want to chime in.

    Someone mentioned getting a Towncar to take you from the airport to your hotel. Yes, it’s pricer than a cab, but you also won’t get dicked around with tunnel/no-tunnel since it’s a flat rate. You get to arrive in style. And most importantly, during the summer months when it’s a thousand degrees outside, you don’t have to wait in the Disneyland line waiting for a cab.

    In my opinion, it’s worth the 50 bucks to not have to melt in the heat and get to your destination quickly and in comfort. Hell, it’s worth the extra 20 dollars to just relax and chat with the driver instead of stressing about whether he’s about to rip me off.

  6. great mention about ear plugs from Michelle. As one of those guys that has to travel for work a ton, they are a must. Like a nail clipper, almost at that level. For the plane when you want to sleep, to that night youre having insomnia because youre in a loud hotel room.

  7. …..about American Fish for happy hour- happy houred the happy hour there 3 times, I recommend it highly, it’s a great meet up spot, the drinks are excellent, and the quality of the small plates shine. This is one of the better happy hour stops in the mid strip area, if you’re seeking some sophistication in the drinks, atmosphere and food and it’s a bargain. Little bites of trout on top of a spicy wild frieze, shell fish and shrimp options with freshness that rivals San Francisco. I’d give it a try if you’re looking for something different. To me, simple fresh seafood to snack on and heavy poured cocktails is a sure bet. That’s what they are up to here. I kid you not though, it’s popular with gays and lesbians, so if you’re weird about that, avoid.

  8. With respect to the Wynn offers, they are only available to new mwmbers. We stayed there for three days in May, played a lot, and have received nothing by way of new offers.

    When it comes to offers, no one beats the Club Grazie. We booked our October rooms in July with a free room offer that lasted from July 2 to December 30.

    I wonder ifMr. Wynn’s conversion is a funtion of his new woman.


  9. While I’m posting here is a quick suggestion. It would be cool if you did like a “Best of the best Podcast” a podcast that recommends your favorite and listeners favorite spots and tips to do on a trip. Basically an annual if your going in 20xx listen to this podcast before going. Perhaps highlight the top five hotels, bars gaming machines etc… Maybe have a call in to share your tip for the after show call-in section that I’m forgetting the name of.

    Keep up the awesome wok guys I haven’t missed a single episode. I started at like episode 40 and worked my way back, been a loyal listener. Kudos for your fine sense of humor and refreshing banter and insight.

  10. I’m with Chris from Santa Cruz on the Towncar advice. For some reason, I find it soooooo infuriating to get longhauled that I am willing ot pony up the extra chedd on car service. Its totally backward logic I suppose because, yes, I spend an extra $25-35 on car service versus the extra $5-10 on the longhaul but, what can I say, it makes me happy. As an added benefit, my husband doesn’t have to listen to me bitch about being ripped off for the first two hours of our vacation. Yes, I have issues letting go sometimes.
    Anyway, it really comes down to preference and priority, like all things Las Vegas.

  11. Doughnuts:

    The Cafe at the Tropicana has doughnuts brought in fresh every day from Krispy Kreme, short walk from the elevators.

  12. Thanks for keeping me awake on the drive home from Minneapolis to Chicago with a new episode. A good drunk dial from MikeE never hurts.

    Michelle, I want to apologize about my son stripping the Mall of America of so much shoe inventory…..


  13. Big time agree about the earplugs. Concerts these days are loud enough to cause permanent damage from just one show, and often it will sound just as good if not better with the earplugs. I always bring them when I expect loud music, even weddings can be painfully loud. I’m partial to Mack’s Pillow Soft but I’m sure there are plenty of good options.

    And I agree that Paris buffet has gone way downhill (I should note that I only do buffets for breakfast). It was fantastic years ago, I especially remember that many things seemed to be made from scratch and there were some great fancy cheese options. Now things like fruit toppings for pancakes/waffles/crepes are obviously out of a can and the most exotic cheese is CoJack. Not bad food but hard to justify going with so many other options available. I had heard great things about the P-Ho buffet as well and was underwhelmed – last trip I tried the Aria buffet and liked it better than either of those two, even for a few bucks more.

  14. Wait, I’ve got it. We play the Five Hundy drinking game during Podcast-a-Palooza and then coordinate a synchronized drunk dial from the Go Pool. We’re going streakin’!

    Okay, don’t leave me in charge of any unofficial event planning…

    Can’t wait for the event. Thanks for all of your hard work Tim and Michelle.

  15. Does anybody know the details of the pocket casino $50 match play promotion at V/P? Do you just have to run thru 50 and then can cash out or what…

  16. Michelle, H and M have just announced an iphone app. Thought you might like to know.

  17. Doughnuts: Bouchon for more swanky pastries than doughnuts, all are VERY good. On the Venetian on the casino floor.

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