Five Hundy by Midnight 269: Now With More Unnecessary Theme Music

Las Vegas podcast #269 includes:

  • The Soup opener
  • Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza details
  • Drai is out at Wynn
  • Drai is in at Bill’s
  • Cloud Nine Balloon Experience returns
  • Tiger-based magic update
  • Support our sponsor: Vegas Mate
  • Vegas book recommendations
  • Listener calls about Ellis Island, M Resort, Drew Carey slots, Hooters, Venus pool cabanas, Flamingo, Minus 5 Ice Lounge, Sunset Station and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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17 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 269: Now With More Unnecessary Theme Music

  1. We’ll be in Vegas in about 3 weeks and thought we’d make the shuttle trek down to M Resort, check it out and try the buffet we’ve heard so much about. But we won’t be able to get there except on a Sat or Sun and it seems that on those days, it’s a Seafood Buffet.

    I like seafood but not sure I want it dominating my first visit to this buffet. Has anyone tried the weekend seafood at M Resort? Was it good? Is it ALL seafood, or are most of the other weekday items representin’ as well?

    Lastly, a caller this week mentioned a Strip View room upgrade they got a M Resort. I’m just curious, when the resort is 10 miles away from the Strip, exactly what kind of “Strip view” might you be getting- is it just a band of twinkling lights on the horizon?

  2. Just got back from Vegas. Had a great time, stayed at PH, but I need to make a comment.
    I got a coupon for $200 in free slot play from Hooters when you sign up for their players card. Went to the desk, signed up and they gave me coupons to take to this roped off area with $5 slots. The attendant put $200 in the machine and I played. After a few spins, I hit 3000 credits, what I thought was $15,000. I called the slot attendant over, and asked how I could cash this out. She told me to look at the pay schedule on the machine. My ‘jackpot’ was good for 10 chicken wings at their restaurant. I could take the chicken wings, or continue playing. The only way to get any money was to hit the three triple diamonds. What a rip off. I believe they call this false advertising. Btw, I just stood up and left. Was not planning to let them get a penny of my money.

  3. Btw, Vegas Mate is the best app to use in Vegas. I used it daily. Thanks Hunter!!

  4. 1) I can’t stop singing the Vegas Mate theme song (thanks, Michelle!) and have recently downloaded the app. I use it daily, even at home!

    2) I keep referring to everything as tiger based; TV shows, musicians, movies, etc. None of these things are actually tiger based, I just feel like putting those two words before things make them more interesting.

  5. Regarding Vegas related books, just read the Quiet Kingmaker about Parry Thomas. Great anedotes from people like The Steve and it lays a foundation for how the Vegas business machine worked to transition from Mob to Corporations. Jack Sheehan is the author.

  6. Must mention Andre Agassi’s autobio, OPEN. Much about Vegaa and one of the best reads ever.


  7. Richard, the seafood buffet @ the M will have other offerings besides the seafood, but we’re talking some prime rib and turkey stations at best. You could still do breakfast or lunch and enjoy the buffet if that’s your thing. But a lot of the jazz about this place revolves around the first few months it opened, its been scaled back a bit, and I don’t consider it on par with the Wynn anymore. Its still an excellent buffet and compared with whats on the strip is far superior from the average buffet. Also, it’s a commute, 10 miles? that’s to the extreme definition of where the strip starts, its at least a 20 minute drive, 30 on busy weekends. The M is well executed, and can be a value, their players club is generous to VP players but it’s not close to the strip at all.

  8. with regards to travel guides, hands down the Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas is a gold mine for the newbie to Vegas, and fun reading for the hardcore who listen to podcasts and find themselves googling vegas related stuff during every lunch break.

    The author and his team do an amazingly complete job of reviewing rooms, food, and everything else vegas. As a bit of a travel guide junkie, I’d say this is one of the best travel guides I’ve ever seen. And, they LOVE Las Vegas. This is the best resource for information, including apps, websites, etc around. I could rave on this thing forever, but yeah, its worth checking out at your local bookstore to see what’s up…but I anxiously await the yearly update. It’s great.

  9. Thanks, Al! From the M Resort website, it looks like it’s all seafood all the time on Sat/Sun: Seafood Brunch 9am-2:30pm and then Seafood Dinner 2:30pm-10pm, so, unfortunately, no opportunity for a regular brunch menu there at all on a weekend. Which is kind of stupid, if you ask me. Oh well.

  10. Al,

    Agree with your comments on the Unofficial Guide. The 2011 edition was published on August 23rd. You can stop waiting. 🙂

  11. I think this is pretty awesome, even if it will never happen, Cee Lo Green, half of the amazing Gnarles Barkley and overall musical genius, told Rolling Stone he wants a residency in Las Vegas:

    “Are you going to go on a solo tour? What are you doing for live shows?

    It really depends. I hope that the album is well-received, and I’ll see what venues are more fitting for it. I kind of had a vision — it’s a long shot, but I really wanted to do a residency in Vegas. I wanted to be one of the first from our generation to be able to do it. You know: “Live in Las Vegas!” That would be cool, if I could do something stationary, but still a spectacle of sight and sound and sophistication.”

    His new song is out of this world catchy (and NSFW):

    Make sure you listen through the break at about 3:00.

    -Ben in Minneapolis

  12. Second that re: Quiet Kingmaker. May be the best postwar Las Vegas history book ever. Thomas was THE money from 1955 to 1980 and this is his first person account by about the only person whose ring Steve Wynn would still kiss.
    BTW I think Tim mentioned on show 268 that he wanted to check out the Western. I have become obsessed with the Western and made 3 trips there the weekend of August 23. David McKee is going to put my report on his Stiffs & Georges blog this week, I think.
    While in The Strip Podcast chat yesterday, I saw Heather (formerly of Troy and Heather) was in the chat. She said she had been out of town for a few months, but is back in Las Vegas now. I hope she gets back in the habit of listening and posting/voice mailing. I think she has a good perspective.
    I love Five Hundy. Thanks for all you do, Michele and Tim

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