Five Hundy by Midnight 270: What’s a Liger?

Las Vegas podcast #270 includes:

  • Kendra opener
  • Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza details
  • Wynn fires Cy, bans Paris
  • Tropicana opens new steakhouse
  • More bullshit Vegas residency rumors
  • Harrah’s extends Anthony Cools and Vinnie Favorito
  • In search of a Liger Lady
  • Lance Burton ends 14-year run at Monte Carlo
  • The X Factor comes to Aria
  • Support our sponsor: Vegas Mate
  • Listener calls about Joel Robuchon, Augustus Tower rooms, Lord of the Rings slots, Club Grazie sign-up bonus, gambling in Japan, ATV tours, Human Nature and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 270: What’s a Liger?

  1. hay tim and michelle great show as usual guys
    upset about podcast a palooza am leaving vegas on the saturday morning so a little up set
    missed u guys last year as we didnt arrive till after it had finish
    one year ill get to meet u guys and buy ya a drink
    really looking forward to going cant wait

    stephen UK

  2. Hi, it’s Bill that ran himself over with his own ATV and is compulsively trying to stay at every strip resort.

    My standard for strip property that I must stay at is “does it have its own casino?” (Trump, Polo Towers, Jockey Club do not.) Thus I stayed at Aria, and my compulsive need re CityCenter has been satisfied, as Vdara & MO are non-gaming. However, I stayed at Encore and I still feel the need to stay at Wynn. Venetian & Palazzo both must be done! I don’t need to stay at properties added to existing casinos…like MGM Signature Suites (I haven’t) or TheHotel at Mandalay Bay (although I have.) Fortunately Circus Circus was covered last year…that had to be the most difficult hurdle of all!

    My current quandary…does Casino Royale qualify?

  3. Got to stick up for City Center and Aria amidst all the bashing. I may have done this once before, but here it is again.

    This complex has turned into my favorite location on the strip. I’ve stayed at all 3 hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Vdara, and Aria (twice), and they have all been great. Access is much easier than advertised, Mandarin Oriental is right on the strip, and Vdara and Aria are closer to the strip than Bellagio. Access from the north through Crystal’s (admittedly a financial disaster), is a plus. You get to angle into the property in an air conditioned environment. If City Center is not your destination, simply use the other side of the street.

    The rooms in all 3 are new, high tech, and spacious. The casino at Aria is beautiful with great dining options. The sportsbook is comfortable with big chairs and couches, state of the art big screens, and it is one of the few places that still gives out free drinks.

    Tom and Michelle, don’t miss Tuesday nights at Todd English PUB, 5 cent PBRs.

  4. Ahhh…Pachinko a unique gaming experience. Described very well. You win a prize, and then sell the prize.

    In case you wish to actually “play” the game, you just put your balls in and based where the fall, you get more balls or none. Some also have flippers and other ways to manipulate the falling balls. The payoff though is pretty random and indescribable.

    The story is notable as it describes the house advantage 12 to 2.5 is a pretty steep percentage to work against.

    Holes in walls are pretty common for any um…vice in Japan. Anonymous holes for Pachinko, “massage” parlors, some porn places, and even no-tell-motel Love hotels.

  5. Check out Matt Goss on the JL MDA Telethon. 7 minutes of pain. Never so sad to see a left hender with so little stage presence. Why the intro of Lynard Skynard at the end I do not know.


  6. Based on this weeks magic confusion, I can see a repost of my old list is in order :). Updated Dirk Arthur from Tropicana to O’Sheas as well:

    The Five Hundy Guide to Las Vegas Magic Acts

    Grand Illusion Based Magic:
    David Copperfield (MGM Grand)
    Lance Burton (Monte Carlo)

    Comedy Based Magic:
    Penn & Teller (Rio)
    Nathan Burton (Flamingo)
    Mac King (Harrah’s)
    Gerry McCambridge (Planet Hollywood)
    Amazing Johnathan (Planet Hollywood)

    Tiger Based Magic:
    Dirk Arthur, Xtreme Magic (O’Shea’s)
    Rick Thomas (Sahara)
    Fercos Brothers (Planet Hollywood)

    Ass-Clown Based magic:
    Criss Angel (Some de-themed mess)

  7. Tim are you feeding Michelle Liger juice ? She is so off the chain lately and outspoken -its totally awesome! Another fantastic show.

  8. Great show and made even better by the Napoleon Dynamite soundclip. T minus 3 weeks.

  9. I only found out today that MGM Grand’s new $10 resort fee includes a $15 stay drink credit at any property bar. I still hate resort fees but at least I can start getting stinko while hating them. Also, I was shocked (shocked!) to learn that Stratosphere has a resort fee. Stratosphere? Really?

  10. maybe my reply was too long… But Casino Royale counts, and I’d say about 20 properties do, including wynn once and encore once…

  11. Scott, I’m with you about CC until you bring up TEP. I’ve given it 3 shots and its been a bust. Has the service improved along with the food? or are you just saying its a nice place to pound some beers? Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I’m also surprised constantly about the comments about service. It’s always been excellent, accommodating and appeared grateful to my patronage.

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