6 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Seeing Dirk Arthur at O’Shea’s

  1. Just saw this on my (horrible) local news last night. Was surprised I hadn’t heard about it or seen it already through my multiple Vegas media and blog sources.

  2. Funny you should say that, Al. When I first watched the video, they reminded me of my dogs. It’s pretty common for Zoe to attack me and for Otis to then go after Zoe and swat at her.

  3. Wasn’t it amusing to watch the lioness during the incident?! It was just like the sort of thing you see in a regular drunken brawl. You can see she was clearly thinking “Come on, leave it. Walk away. You’re making a fool of yourself here and you’ll feel silly in the morning!”.

  4. A book suggestion – Poker face by Katy Lederer is about groing up around siblings Phil and Annie (Duke) now pro poker players

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