Five Hundy by Midnight 272: Beware of the Vdara Death Ray

Las Vegas podcast #272 includes:

  • American Pickers opener
  • Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza details
  • Vdara Death Ray scalds guests
  • Plaza is mostly closing
  • Hard Rock sues Hard Rock
  • Cosmopolitan hosts Coldplay and Jay-Z
  • Marquee planned for Cosmo
  • Cher announces final dates
  • Harrah’s extends Mac King
  • Wayne Newton plans tourist trap shrine to himself
  • Support our sponsor: Vegas Mate
  • Listener calls about American Fish, Union Bar, water water one dollar, buffet offers, same-day ticket booth tip and more
  • Trippies nominations
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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10 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 272: Beware of the Vdara Death Ray

  1. You know how I can tell that I had fun on my most recent staycation? I don’t remember making that call from the ladies room at Bellagio.

  2. Okay, I could have sworn I called to follow up on the whole ladies’ room incident. In any case, yes, they were doing maintenance in the men’s room. A really cool, really cute girl noticed as she was walking in and told us to follow her inside. At one point, there were five guys and that one lady in the women’s bathroom.

  3. Somebody needs to develop an app that checks time of year/day and angle of the sun etc and lets you know where the Death Ray will be striking at any given time.

  4. I need to counter the positive comments on American Fish and Union. AF does have a nice bar (maybe good for appetizers), but the service and fish is marginal at best. Union has decidely terrible food and the bar itself is cheaply constructed. Both establishments are on the short list to close.

  5. The Vdara death ray sounds like a plot from an Austin Powers movie.

    I will try to find it when I am at Aria next week – woo fookin hoo!

    I wonder what the costs would be like for the cheap show tickets text messaging service on an international number. Or is it easy to pick up a local PAYG SIM in Vegas? I could use that number to register when I get there (and use it for random drunk dials).

    Are there any other tips for cheap show tickets? I am being dragged to a show kicking and screaming.

    Also does anyone have any tips on car hire – any places better than others, any extras/scams to watch out for? We would only need the car for 2 days.


  6. We saw Coldplay and U2 last year and Coldplay was by far the superior show. Plus they gave us an 8 song live CD at the end of the show which we played forever.

    chrisw – Dollar has amazing deals right now.

  7. NBC’s “Today Show” had a quick segment about this at 7:40 EST this morning (maybe those of you on the west coast can still catch it).
    Steve Friess had a brief appearance in the segment.

  8. When we visited earlier in the year we found that there where loud whistling sounds around City Center where the wind was oscillating due to the shape of the buildings. There were also tiles noticeably coming away from the outer shell of the structures. If everything comes in threes then the ‘Death Ray’ completes the stupid design flaws. With all those world class designers on board maybe it was a case of ‘too many cooks’.

  9. How about that Batista? Was that the longest home run in the new statium?

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