Five Hundy by Midnight 273: The Anxiety Begins

Las Vegas podcast #273 includes:

  • Hannah Montana opener
  • Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza details
  • Vdara Death Ray fever spreads
  • Fontainebleau stuff gets auctioned off
  • Harrah’s plans to add Diamond Select and Diamond Signature Total Rewards levels
  • Flamingo gets a food court
  • Listener calls about Wynn comp requirements, M Resort pool disappointment, Pampas, Peepshow, lucky hos, LeReve, Palazzo, Vegas nightclubs, Firefly, Human Nature and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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16 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 273: The Anxiety Begins

  1. Costume ideas for Five Hundy-

    Tim comes as Michelle,Michelle comes as Tim
    come as steve and miles from the strip and confuse everyone

    ok thats all i have-another fun show !

  2. Just posted on P-Ho Facebook page:

    “Introducing the new All Stage Pass, exclusively from Total Rewards. 2 Days, 17 Shows, $99. Unlimited access to as many shows as you can squeeze into your schedule over two days! You can also upgrade your All Stage Pass for access to some of our most in-demand shows.

    There’s only one place you can buy the All Stage Pass: the new Planet …Hollywood All Stage Pass Box Office, located across from Heart Bar.

    For more information on the All Stage Pass, visit

  3. Re: that All Stage Pass offer above, I crunched the numbers and discovered that skipping the Matt Goss show alone will recoup your initial $99 investment….

  4. What’s up with M Resort? Closing the pool in early October is a really dumb idea. I’ll be in Las Vegas next week, and the number 1 criteria for deciding where to stay, is the size of the room and a great pool. I stay at condos or timeshares because of the extra space, and because the pools & jacuzzi’s are open late and open all-year. I gamble at night, but during the day, I need fresh air and sunshine. To me, heaven is a big beautiful pool with scenery and cocktail service. Hell, I can gamble and eat anywhere.

  5. Boulder City is one of the few cities in NV where gambling is illegal. Originally this was to keep the construction workers who were building Hoover Dam (then called Boulder Dam) from being distracted by the temptation. So Tim, now you have one less reason to visit the dam.

    Personally I found the tour to be pretty fascinating and I will probably head back out there someday to see the new bridge when it is finished.

  6. I asked Total Rewards about the two new diamond levels, their reply:

    Harrah’s Rincon is running a promotion where guests who reach 30,000 Tier Credits and 60,000 Tier Credits are eligible for their Diamond Select and Diamond Signature level, respectively. This is a Harrah’s Rincon benefit and is available to guests with the majority of their play at Harrah’s Rincon. For more information, please visit the Total Rewards Center at Harrah’s Rincon.

  7. Harrah’s “Diamond” is in response to some of the deals Club Gracie has made in the So-Cal Market Indian Gaming Market, there’s really no carry over, besides getting to cut in line that Harrahs Premiere Diamond members “the real diamond level” receive. Curious though– does the Rincon Card and the ones that will follow from other local Harrah’s type properties get you into the Diamond Lounge? My Diamond status is gone although they will never get their card back!!!!

  8. well, scratch whatever I said… Clint’s information is much more accurate. Harrah’s rincon is offering a bargain on tier play credit earned, and it’s as good as gold. I mean Diamond.

  9. Hay Tim and Michelle another great show
    Getting excited about my yearly trip to Vegas 23rd to 30th oct gutted I’m gonna miss podcast a palozza again missed it by 5hrs last year oh well nxt year I might get to see it
    Any way got a big 50 dollars with ur guys name on it which I will gamble for u and will send any winnings to ya

    Cheers guys
    Stephen H
    From ur UK fan club

  10. I wish people would record their gambling with Tim and Michelle stuff. Especially those with accents…

  11. Hey you mentioned that you would by the Human Nature CD because you love Vegas themed music. I was wondering if you or anyone else had any Vegas themed music suggestions. I too love anything that reminds me of Vegas when I am not there. Any song that I hear repeatedly when I am there from that point on will always trigger a Vegas memory for me. So, I have many personal song that are Vegas themed to me and of course all of the classic Sinatra and Rat Pack songs. Just wondering what your suggestions are.

  12. A little behind and catching up on shows. On one of the first calls the caller mentioned an all you could eat steak place. I belive it sarted with a P. Couldn’t exactlay make out the name he said. Would anyone happen to know the name of this place?

    Thanks for the reat shows.

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