This Seems Familiar

New York New York found a new tenant to fill the recently shuttered ESPN Zone’s old space. The Sporting House Bar and Grill opened yesterday. ESPN Zone fans who mourned the loss of the old joint will probably feel right at home in the new place. Based on the logo, I’m guessing few changes are in store.


6 thoughts on “This Seems Familiar

  1. Generally, brand conversion is an expensive endeavor, costing tens of thousands of dollars. However, in this case, NYNY managed to convert from ESPNZone to the current restaurant for only $73.11, most of which was used to pay for stickers to cover up the ESPN logos on the menus.

  2. Any word on if this will be like a Lagesse’s Stadium type place? with a sportsbook attached? The NYNY sports book is a joke.

  3. The place will make money either way. Not from me, but douchebags love their overpriced burgers and tobasco sauce hot wings.

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