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17 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 275: We’re Pet Friendly Too”

  1. 1 Tim

    Here’s that commercial we mentioned:

  2. 2 Tim

    And here’s the first Cosmopolitan commercial:

  3. 3 Richard/Aimee from Lawrence KS

    That first commercial could almost be taken off of Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show (Great Job!).

  4. 4 TC from Boston

    Good Lord that commercial is genius…..not the Cosmo one…the “Fantasy Gifts”

  5. 5 Tim

    Video of the Frightline ride over Fremont Street…

  6. 6 Chris from OH

    That Cosmo commerical was terrible.

  7. 7 Marc

    Zipline seems like a great place to snot and spit on people. lol. Only the best downtown. Enjoy!

  8. 8 milo

    Interesting Cosmo commercial, pretty out there.

    Anyone know if those are real shots of the inside of the hotel? Or just sets for the ad?

  9. 9 BC

    Just got back from Las Vegas and I did the Fremont St. zipline after dark. $20 was the perfect price point for this; any more and I would have hesitated.
    The company that does it is the Bootleg Canyon Flightlines company from Boulder City and they’re very professional and confidence-inspiring. You have to sign a waiver stating that you’re not under the influence of alcohol which I would think would pretty much eliminate their entire audience since this is Fremont Street, after all.
    For the most part they were sending two people down at a time, followed soon after by two more on the other two lines. They *did* send people down during the Fremont Street Experience canopy show, which I thought was kind of cool.
    They take a couple of pictures of you using telephoto lenses and you have the opportunity to buy prints (starting at $15; you get a break for multiples) afterwards.
    I’d recommend it even though it’s a quick ride. I’ve done ziplines in other places and this place was comparable in terms of bang for your buck and safety considerations. Some ziplines allow you to “steer” which way you’re facing but the Fremont St. zipline is free-spinning so you don’t know if you’ll end up turning around during the ride or not.
    The employees told me that if this temporary setup is a success they’d like to open a permanent facility that would go the entire length of the canopy.

  10. 10 Tim

    Great report, BC. Thanks!

  11. 11 BC

    Thanks, Tim! Sorry I won’t be there for the Podcast-a-Palooza! I’m sure you’ll do a great show, as always.

  12. 12 Darran

    Browsing through the discounts for our trip in Feb, came across this little one – which could be handy for anyone who is going out to the Podcast-a-Palooza – free tickets at Flamingo for Nathan Burton. Link is below.

  13. 13 Darran

    Oops. Link does not work, but if you navigate from the home page through the shows section it is easy to find the discount.

  14. 14 Gray

    Thanks for the report, BC! I agree on the price point; any more and I’d balk, but I think for $20, it sounds like fun. I’ll probably try it.

  15. 15 Minnetonka Grant

    Hmmm … doesn’t look like you’re going to stream it this year. I’ll have to drink alone on Saturday then. 😉

  16. 16 AJ

    FWIW, we did the BC Flightline zip line in Bootleg Canyon (in Boukder City). A little pricey, $150’ish, but a cool half day excursion and change of pace from the Strip. Four separate runs and you can hit 70 mph. They shuttle back/forth from Excalibur. Very fun time.

  17. 17 Rob From MD

    Fantasy Gifts…..Because what you do in the bedroom IS our business. What a motto…lol

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