Las Vegas podcast #279 includes:

  • One Night in Vegas opener
  • Harrah’s cancels IPO, changes name to Caesars Entertainment Corp.
  • Venetian and Palazzo tighten room comps
  • Parabounce, not Pair-a-Bounce
  • Planet Hollywood gets a new nightclub and the Pussycat Dolls
  • We’re missing the shoe parade
  • Flamingo closes Steakhouse46
  • Vegas Club and Plaza have some marquee fun
  • Firefly cuts its hours
  • Listener calls about Tropicana renovations (and those interesting lights), Aria service and foot traffic, video poker paytables, Cosmopolitan, Sinatra, lemonade at Caesars, Flamingo table games, Lion’s Share, tiger-based magic mishaps, the demise of the Donny and Marie wrap, Thanksgiving buffets, Golden Gate, Plaza, blackjack dealer stalking, XS and more
  • Video poker resources: VPFree2, Wizard of Odds, The Ultimate Video Poker Pocket Book and app
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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57 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 279: Webster’s Defines “Hacky” As…”

  1. 1 Terrie from NC

    Tim and Michelle if Parabounce does open don’t forget to check your equipment before you bounce. Just saying!

  2. 2 Tim

    Ha! Thanks for the tip, Terrie.

  3. 3 Adam

    Even though I grew up around water skiing and on a water ski team, I don’t think LV Wet would work, there is just not enough interest in water skiing to make money. There is an indoor snow ski resort in Dubai, I almost think that could work. A ski village themed resort in the vegas could be “cool” I think.

    I am not really liking the new hotels in Vegas, besides Wynn/Encore, with the ultra modern cold feel. Even though some of the theme hotels from the 90’s have bad themes, I think it is the different themes that draw people into the hotels. If they all look basically the same like the newer hotels, what’s the difference. Keep the themes simple, beautiful and classic but unique, i.e. Bellagio, that’s what I like.

  4. 4 Robbie

    Steve From Parabounce,

    FYI Bill Clinton is no longer the President and is therefore no longer “President Clinton”. He retired.

  5. 5 Bouncy Castle FTW

    Steve forgot his biggest “shout-out”…one lucky kid at the Allentown Fair, 2001

    Now thats journalism.

    Enough of this love in, let’s get into the facts.

    Parabounce made that logo in or prior to the Year 2000.

    That graphic/animation was made by the LA Design Studio in 2002

    They have a european counterpart, unfortunately named, join2jump
    look it up.

    Coolio rode a Parabounce and loved it….Who are we to doubt Coolio’s judgment?

    Parabounce is a very charitable organization and should be given props for that….

    A Parabounce could technically be rented for podcast-a-palooza

    Steve is a really good actor…and is really really dreamy.

    False statements that take Steve’s side:

    There was only 3 fonts available on Print Shop on Steve’s Apple IIC in 1999, so he picked comic sans and went with it.

    Steve promised to attend Podcast-a-palooza if we rent a parabounce and donate 100 balloons to starving orphans.

    Parabounce was thought of after a drunken evening where someone mentioned that, “getting kids high would be awesome!”

    3 children have been conceived in a modified “flip in the sky” harness…what? do you hate kids?

    Interesting side note:

    I just learned how to type today, inspired by Steve’s comments about being uneducated. Thanks Steve!

  6. 6 jefferson mandrake from dubuque

    Eric from Fuckin’ Vegas, this doesn’t fit completely with what you are saying, but it’s close?

  7. 7 milo

    “FYI Bill Clinton is no longer the President and is therefore no longer “President Clinton”.”

    Isn’t the custom that former presidents are still referred to as “President X”? I can understand the appeal of piling on, but I think you should have checked your facts on that one.

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