Five Hundy by Midnight 280: I Don’t Want to be Inside of Anything

Las Vegas podcast #280 includes:

  • 20/20 opener
  • Boys II Men get Christmasy at Flamingo
  • The Cave at The Wynn opens
  • Cosmopolitan makes a PR faux pas
  • Bobby Slayton returns to Hooters
  • Luxor and Excalibur package shows
  • Air Bar at Stratosphere: Who knew?
  • Listener calls about Cloud 9, M Resort shuttle, Taste of Wynn, MGM Grand, Earl of Sandwich, sports betting, gambling for status and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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19 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 280: I Don’t Want to be Inside of Anything

  1. Welcome back Sigfried & Roy Holiday greeting! It adds a little extra magic to the holiday season.

  2. Re: Regarding shuttle from Fashion Show Mall to M Resort.

    An easy way to see someplace you’ve probably never seen before.

    Pickup spot is on the road just off mall property (off the side of the mall near Fashion Show Mall Dr. –pretty sure that is the road’s name iirc).

    Trip is free (tip optional) and took about 20 minutes-ish.

  3. I will be in vegas next week, but from what I have read, will be missing the opening of Cosmo by 6 hours. I am leaving on wednesday afternoon, wish I could get in to see it befor I have to leave. If any one knows something different, I think they are opening around 6:00 pm, please tell me.

  4. Spit take at “don’t want to be inside of anything” conversation.

    You owe me a new keyboard and a can of Dr. Pepper.

  5. Re: The Air Bar at the Stratsophere.

    I was up the tower back in May. All they have done is turned a section of the inside observation deck into a bar, a bit of low lighting and a few laser lights. I’m trying to rack my brain as to whether it used to be a snack place before. It’s really just a place to get a drink whilst you are up the tower and merges into the rest of the inside deck rather than being it’s own ‘place’. There’s a lot of through traffic with people walking to the outsite deck and also looking a the crazy people throwing themselves off the sky jump, It’s not another MIX at theHotel, if you know what I mean.

    So if you need some dutch courage for those scary rides, it’s ideal otherwise you’re probably better off at level 107 if you’re looking for something more ‘sophisticated’

  6. Trippie. I voted. Please send appropriate I Voted lapel sticker.

  7. I liked KA but I do admit I fell asleep in the middle of it…
    Mystere is cheap thats what good about it.
    I haven’t seen Love but I think thats a good choice.
    Happy Holidays!

  8. About the M shuttle,
    Yes.. about 25min ride. Not bad at all. It leaves from THE GAP entrance of the fashion show mall. Just make sure you wait at the curb in front of that entrance. Some drivers tend to not even stop completely if they dont see anyone waiting. It happened to us 🙁

  9. hey guys you are right about earl of sandwich losing its appeal if they were around more places and easier to get to. but damn i wanted a sandwich bad during my phone call lol.

    just though you guys should know if you hadnt seen it yet, vegas tripping posted a review of the trop and used the butthole light as the main picture for the review. hahaha

  10. There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to Man. It is a dimension as vast as space, and as timeless as infinity. It is the middleground between light and shadow, between science and superstition; and it lies between the pit of Man’s fears, and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call…the Twilight Zone.
    —Rod Serling’s original Opening Narration

    Submitted for your consideration/approval :

  11. Thanks for the help with the M Resort shuttle, BTW me and the GF want to do a strip piano bar, it looks like the choices are Napoleans, Harrahs, and times square? Anyone prefer one over the other, they all have pretty mixed revues. Any others I may not have heard about? Are any downtown? I am aware of Petes at town center but I dont feel like paying for a cab all the way down there.

  12. Re: Trippies, did anyone else raise their eyebrows in disbelief like I did when the saw Tropicana listed as a nominee for categories like Overall Best (The Strip); Best Hotel, Best Rooms, Best Casino Overall, etc? I mean, I know they potentially are on the upswing and all, but, damn, Tropicana? Really?

    That being said, I do approve of their being nominated in the Lighting Fixtures That Only A Proctologist Could Appreciate category.

  13. If you want to pick a ‘taste of Wynn’ menu at Wynn, here’s how I would go:

    If you can afford the Alex tasting menu, do it. It’s the second or third best restaurant in the city (behind Robuchon and Le Atelier de Joel Robuchon). If the food appeals to you, absolutely go for it.

    If you want simple fare, with the best ingredients, executed to perfection, go to Botero. I had a wonderful meal at the bar. Completely unpretentious and absolutely amazing.

    If you like seafood, it’s hard to go wrong with Bartolotta. They fly in fresh fish from Italy every day for fucks sake.

    If you want Asian, I would go for either Wing Lei, or Okada.

    Personally, I would vote for Botero, but that’s because their overall cooking style is the most accessible (and the most amazing).

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