Five Hundy by Midnight 281: Collapsed and Deflated

Las Vegas podcast #281 includes:

  • The Jeffersons opener
  • Frank Caliendo ends Vegas show early
  • Lady Luck plans move ahead
  • Paris rumored to begin de-Francing with Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse
  • Circus Circus gets less (Mind)freaky
  • Listener calls about drink service, Ka, M Resort, hotel and show choices, Cosmopolitan opening, Macca’s Reservation Radio Vegas edition and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 281: Collapsed and Deflated

  1. Harrah’s Drink Service in New Orleans did not require you to have a players card in the machine. I went through the menu selection without putting in my players card.

  2. Harrah’s Rincon-San Diego has the same drink screen thing. I did not see the drink order menu at Aria, but it was the same sort of touch screen technology, so I’m sure they ‘could’ implement it. Even with a Player’s Card in, it would not make sense to limit drinks based on play because you have to pay for all alcoholic drinks at Rincon. I do, however, remember that coffee was on the first screen.

  3. I am a show behind, but I am weighing in to confirm Tim’s theory. We have an Earl of Sandwich about 5 mins away. It has been in Houston a number of years. It was good at first but now, for us at least, is an option about on par with Quiznos and Subway, only less healthy in general. The first few were great, now it is more or less good for a periodic ‘gut bomb’.

  4. Andy Dick runs a Vegas Smack Trip every year, although I don’t think anyone else is allowed to attend but him and some random strippers.

  5. Do these “order from your slot machine” casinos charge you for your drinks?

    It seems like a great idea to me, but my concerns (being a cheapskate and low roller) is that this could end up being a system where they will charge you for your drink if your play isn’t up to par (never mind the premium for good alcohol).

    If this is just something to make drink service more efficient, then great…I can’t count how many times I’ve wanted a drink at a machine at a variety of casinos in Vegas and never saw a waitress. The concept sounds good; I just hope we don’t get screwed by it in the end.

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