Five Hundy by Midnight 282: Extensive Grand Opening Coverage

Las Vegas podcast #282 includes:

  • Mega Disasters opener
  • Grand opening coverage
  • More grand opening coverage
  • Exclusive Cloud 9 Balloon Experience closing coverage
  • Bellagio gets robbed. Run for coverage.
  • Sponsor: Vegas Mate
  • Larry King… Celine Dion… unintentional comedy gold
  • Listener calls about Bill’s beer specials, Hash House, Cosmopolitan, Earl, Holly Madison’s slot, winter weather in Vegas and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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20 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 282: Extensive Grand Opening Coverage

  1. These Celine interview is shocking. Her complete lack of self-awareness is matched only by King’s.

    And doesn’t it diminish Nelson Mandela’s accomplishments when you name the other kid after the guy who produced your first records? I can imagine that conversation:

    “Rene, I’m so moved by Mr. Mandela’s struggle and heroism that we have to honor him by naming one of our boys after him.”

    “OK, Celine. What about Baby B?”

    “How about the guy who made me famous?”

    I’m more offended by that than by her covering Stevie Wonder’s I Wish in her first Vegas show.

  2. I totally agree with you about the whole “New York food is better” – I went to NYC twice last year for the first time ever, and as a fat girl, I was stoked about eating all the “famous NYC food”.

    Basically, it’s all over priced shit.

    The only thing I was impressed with were the bagels and pickles. Pizza was just okay, cheesecake was just okay, steak was just okay, street hot dogs were just okay.

    I guess the New York logic is “If I’m paying way over-inflated prices for this food, then it must be the best!”

    And let me tell you this – as a native Los Angeleno – I fucking HATE In N’ Out. To me, it’s exactly like you said – it’s good, but not worth giving up my first born child for.

  3. I lost the battery to my cell phone (how weird is that) so I wasn’t able to call in the Lion’s Share jackpot.

    On Tuesday December 14th it was $2,223,409.23.

  4. Just went to NYC in November. The food is “meh.” Pizza was okay, cheesecake was good, and deli food was alright. I think you can find good food in just about any city, though, if you know where to look.

    I’m with you on In N’ Out…pretty good but a bit overhyped.

    The hole in our hearts about Cloud 9 can only be repaired by the installation of a Ferris Wheel. We can only hope and pray.

  5. This is one of your best shows ever. Only because it provided a stark contrast of the doom and gloom opening coverage that was VT, Ratevegas and Vegas Happens Here.

  6. LOL…I played the Lion’s Share machine that same day. Forgot to add that update to my call. Also played the Sigma ponies for a while. Fun as always!

  7. Steak n Shake – just like Johnny Rockets without the singing.

    O’Shea’s Subway does have the $5 footlongs, the chips and drink adds $3 or $4 to the total.

    The wrap on Flamingo is for H+M.

    The Harmon is now nothing more than a place to place a wrap with directions to City Center.

  8. Not an issue about the length except the fact that you filled the time with Celene who is UNLISTENABLE.


    Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

    Perhps you could releae a non-Celene version.

    Nice to hear Mack Back.


  9. I was down at Treasure Island in MN and I saw something interesting. At the gas station just outside of the casino there were Earl of Sandwich deli sandwiches wrapped in plastic in the cooler. Interesting. It wasn’t same logo and a 90/10 bread to meat ratio. $3.99. Knock off?

  10. Totally disagree with what was said in the Cloud Nine interview. That balloon is just full of hot air.

  11. My experience with Vegas weather in Jan/Feb:
    1) Once I arrived one January afternoon and there were snow flurries.
    2) I’ve kept a meat sandwich out in the car overnight and it was cold enough that it was fine the next day.
    3) TMI alert / It can get to cold to go “commando.”

    Saw Leonard Cohen at Caesars Palace last year myself-INCREDIBLE! A 75 year old man put on the longest rock & roll concert I ever saw.

  12. I have lived in both Bloomington, Mn and in the NYC metro, and the Pizza / Bagels are much better in NYC, however Minneapolis is king when it comes to lutefisk!

  13. P.S …. You and my fellow five hundy fans are a little nuts when it comes to trashing Celon. It’s the holiday season …. lighten up!

  14. I kept waiting for Celine to answer Tim’s questions.

    Being a native New Yorker, I must say in general that I cannot find the type of food or certain items I enjoyed in NY.( i.e. Knishes) Food from other parts of our nation are fine, just different.

    Michigan gets it’s next Casino in 50 days. 25 minutes away. I hope they have porn slappers nearby.

  15. Flamingo Food Court:

    Johnny Rockets: yes they do come out and dance every once in a while.

    LA Subs: this is also a Nathan’s, but not sure if they have the full Nathan’s menu available.

    Bonanno’s: wife enjoyed the food but it was a bit expensive for a food court.

    Asian food place: didn’t try the place, the food didn’t look that appealing.

    A few thoughts:

    – None of the restaurants are 24 hours. The Johnny Rockets is the last to close, about an hour after the others do.

    – None of the restaurants had a breakfast menu.

    – When I think food court I generally think cheap dining (even in Las Vegas). But none of these places are cheap… IE: a hot dog, fries and a coke at LA Subs/Nathans cost me $11.81 and most of the meal offerings from Johnny Rockets and Bonanno’s run in the $12-15 range (plus $3.95 if you want a drink). For prices like that why don’t I just go to the 24 hour cafe?

    – When I ordered by hot dog the woman serving my kept saying “All the condiments are over there” a few times and pointing to the middle of the food court. When I went over there all they had was ketchup and dijon mustard. No yellow mustard, no relish, no onions, no banana peppers… but she just kept saying “ALL THE CONDIMENTS…” why not just say “ketchup and mustard are over there” if thats all you are offering for my hot dog….

  16. Overall, one of my favorite pods in a while. 🙂 A couple specifics…

    a. New York food is awesome, but the crap food people prey on tourists. Like everywhere else, you have to know where to go.

    b. In & Out – Not a life changer, but a nice burger. Better than most but tastes better than many fast food burgers.

  17. Grazie at the P/V offers a deal if you charge items to your room. Standard members get 5 times points for status only and Gold members get 20 times points again for status only. So once you get Gold status (forget about Platinum its 600,000 points) even a $4 cup of coffee gets you 80 points, so it should be easy to get renewed status at 30,000 points plus you get 1.5 points per dollar plated with $15 of slot play per 2,500 points.


  18. We ate at the new Flamingo foodcourt and they DID sing and perform at the Johnny Rockets .. just a FYI

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