Thanks to everyone who voted for Five Hundy by Midnight in the Best Las Vegas Podcast category for the 2010 Trippies this year, we won for the fifth consecutive year. I’ve said it before and it holds true today: We’re surprised anyone listens to this rambling mess, much less cares about it enough to vote for it to win an award. We are honored. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We would like to congratulate Admiral Hunter H. Hillegas III for winning a shitload of Trippies this year as well. His posts on Twitter and his work on, Two Way Hard Three and, of course, Vegas Mate (it’s really great) earned him several well-deserved honors. We’re privileged to be your friends. Cheers.


6 thoughts on “Fivepeat?

  1. Damnitttttt I missed seeing/hearing you guys inducted into the Trippies hall of fame during the live trippies-cast! Congrats! Love the show, it’s REALLY GREAT!

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  3. another example of the vegas internet mafia stroking each other off in a big circle jerk. sad.

  4. I give up. Once one drops such typographical Nuclear Weapons as signing in with a handle that is “Anonymous” spelled backwards, I have no choice but to surrender in the face of such overwhelming greatness.

    Seriously, go away. You’re just sad and boring now.

    It’s more of a polygon, by the way.

  5. Dear Radio Program Hosts (who’s names I can’t remember),

    You’ve come a long way since episode #1, Mr. (and Mrs.) Dressen. Congrats on the Trippie win #5. Your mini-media empire stock is rising! From the “Fried Twinkie Experience” to “Thong, Not A Thong, Not A Thing”, to “Meat or B.O.” to “Hall & Oates” to “Monkey Poker Dome” and more. Good times can always be found here! Keep it up!

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