Five Hundy by Midnight 284: A Little Sluggish

Las Vegas podcast #284 includes:

  • Laffapalooza opener
  • Five Hundy wins Best Las Vegas Podcast Trippie Award
  • Palms rumors heat up
  • Little Joey Joe gets sort of gossy
  • MGM finally rolls out MLife
  • Golden Nugget sells gold
  • Wynn dumps Alex
  • Sugar Factory announces opening
  • Johnny Smalls offers tapas gorging
  • Mandalay Bay reopens Fleur
  • Sponsor: Vegas Mate
  • Dear Tim and Michele
  • Listener calls about Cosmopolitan’s Identity club,, Las Vegas Club and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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11 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 284: A Little Sluggish

  1. Max Brenner is awesome! We stumbled (figuratively & literally) on it during their opening week after Bobby Flay’s Maze had a wait of 90 mins for 2 people. Loved the low lit, dark wood decor, wonderful service, great menu and enjoyed learning about chocolate. We split a dessert of lava cake, vanilla-bourbon ice cream & a milk chocolate milkshake…I shamelessly drank the chocolate that was meant to be poured over the lava cake. We were seated on the Forum Shops level, but I do believe there is an upstairs. I have to agree that it will be a must visit on our future trips.

    Here’s some info on the hug mug. (I wish I would have spent more time in the gift shop & brought stuff back…) “The Hug Mug is a specially designed mug for the hot chocolate drinking ceremony. The mug is shaped so that you can hug it in both hands to create the ultimate experience of coziness, warmth and fragrance. ”

  2. Congratulations on being retired to the Trippies hall of fame.

    Johnny Smalls has some really tasty appetizers. An all you can eat deal for $20 would be an absolute steal. Definitely something worth trying at HRH.

    Yes, Max Brenner’s is a must try. It’s deep in the forum shops and expect a wait to be seated. Pretty amazing chocolate drinks.

    Much of the bar confusion re the Stratosphere Tower is because they have 3 separate bars. One is a high quality jazz lounge as part of the Top of the World restaurant. Another is a bare bones shot/frozen drink stand to provide courage to the riders. The Air bar has closed and reopened under several different names.

  3. Nice. Tim finally ran out of things to shit on about Vegas, so this week he took aim at himself and his ill-conceived notion of the running Celine Dion gag.

    You should “Just Walk Away”, “Abandon” it and let it “Fade Away”.

    “In Some Small Way”, “If I Were You”, “That’s The Way It Is”.

    Don’t “Show Some Emotion”, just “Think Twice” next time.

    Face it, you were “Misled”. Don’t fight the “Real Emotion”. Just “Refuse To Dance”.

  4. I really hope you had to look up those song titles and didn’t know them off the top of your head.

  5. What might be more embarrassing than knowing all those songs is the amount of time I spent looking them up on line just to write that gag.

    On second thought, you’re right, knowing all those songs would be the more embarrassing option.

  6. I have my three predictions for 2011:

    A freak accident will result in the dismantling of at least one ride atop the stratosphere

    Vegasmate will add a podcast feed so that people on the go can easily listen to the latest episodes of The Strip and Five Hundy

    A Five Hundy listener will hit Lions Share and make a paypal donation of 5 figures

  7. Another great show .. I’m absolutely obsessed with Vegas, so your show makes me feel like I’m staying in touch with the greatest city on earth!

  8. I was happy to attend the Trippies. Still, too much nudity, but I got past that and enjoyed most of the banter. That one guy in the middle who looks like Potsie and the guy who’s Eazy E’s brother had some great one liners. But: CONGRATS FIVE HUNDY!

    I had about 8 trips this year, here are my ALLY awards:

    Best Bed: Tie, the Wynn and Mirage
    Best Place to host small conventions: Bathroom at The Hotel Corner Suite
    Best Nacho’s: I hate to say it, even “Suggestions By Text” got it right– Jimmy Buffet’s next to the Flamingo

    Best value drink (tequila) The Taco Bar at Bally’s 5 shot Margarita for 15$ It’s Cuervo gold too!

    Best special occasion restaurant (guys) Craftsteak
    Best special occasion restaurant (girls) “I dunno, whatever”

    Best New Artist: Munch Bar @ Caesars. The food is either hot salty and fast, or cold, luxurious, and caloric. Good snack stands were a fixture in Vegas late 80’s early 90’s. This one rocks the concept.

    Best Evil Podcast Moment: Cock Juggling.

  9. Hey Tim, On our last trip, we stayed at the Wynn and ate at La Cave, they are a tappas resturant and has a great outdoor patio with a nice view of the pool. Great sliders!

  10. Another great show, Tim and Michelle. Congrats on the Trippie HoF. Love all the restaurant reviews, especially the tapas restaurants. But, would love it if you guys would pronounce “tapas” like tah-pahs (proper Spanish pronunciation) not taaa-pahs (proper MN pronunciation). I know it sounds too much like “topless” but hey it’s a show about Vegas, so imagine all the fun when listeners think you’re saying “topless restaurant”!


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