9 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 285: 2010 Trippies (We Agree)

  1. Congratulations on another Trippie! The trophy room of the Five Hundy Estate must be impressive.

  2. Dan, The NASCAR crowd doesn’t search for the good food cheap. They just search for what is well known in a strange place. My hope is too see Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill as my one expensive meal because I know of him from iron Chef. He is the one person I know that I would spend $60 for dinner.

  3. Tom, Meas is a-okay– but dinner at $60 a person with drinks and wine, desert, is a stretch. I’d recommend using Mesa as a brunch or lunch destination. The burger is excellent, and you can sample his latin infused nyc-mex dishes. The brunch isn’t a buffet, it’s usually a 3 course meal, but offers some discounted “apps”. I think this a better way to taste what Flay is all about than the dinner option.

  4. We have been to the Mesa Grill twice for lunch. We want to do Bradley Ogden but is only open for dinner and we like to be at our home resort for that. The burger was very good but the highlight was the bread basket. A meal in itself.


  5. So from what I’ve heard, both Five Hundy and Circus Circus are the two things currently retired in the Hall of Fame? How’s that feel?

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