Las Vegas podcast #287 includes:

  • Bachelor Party Las Vegas opener
  • Wynn finally improves its horrible website
  • Tim’s trip report
  • Listener calls about Cosmopolitan, Bellagio, Imperial Palace, Gilley’s, Sinatra and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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16 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 287: The Full Patdown Treatment”

  1. 1 tc from Boston

    Hey there’s a pretty good groupon deal going in….30 bucks worth of chow at Isla Mexican Kitchen at TI for 15 bucks….use this link to take advantage..

    on a show note….

    Tim, welcome back…lucky dog

    For once I agree with Kelly, enough Vegas Mate sponsorships until Hunter diversifies his portfolio. I had an iTouch and used Vegas Mate, and yes yes it was really great…..but once I got my droid I never used it again. While i’ve brought it up with him that he needs to work some some droid stuff, its obviously a lot of work, but I think it will be a succesful app in the droid market as well.

  2. 2 Kevin in Cleveland

    Two quick things! First, I’d like to throw in my vote for a droid friendly Vegas mate! I shed a tear every time I hear the jingle and no it’s so close, yet so far.

    Second. Is this where we sign up for the “cock juggling thunder cunt” voicemail? I’m SO in!

  3. 3 Dan from North of Toronto

    Scroll to the bottom of your Facebook page where it says in little blue letters, “English (US).” or “German”, or whatever you selected. Click on it. When the language box pops up, click on the arrow next to “English and select “English (Pirate).” Once you’ve stopped laughing, paste this as your status 😉

    Maybe they will add the forbidden phrase.

  4. 4 jeff

    Ditto the request/demand for Android Vegas Mate, let hunter know ASAP.

  5. 5 DanG

    re: Cosmopolitan (which I liked too), there are actually 4 (or maybe 5) “ArtoMatic” machines (2 in front of the buffet) and at least 2 more spread around the mall. But, I wouldn’t waste the $5 — I got a tiny piece of unframed canvas (about 2″ x 3″) with some paint on it – interesting, but barely worth $1.

    Also, there’s no power cord on the turntable, so I don’t think you can actually play the 45’s. (but, not certain)

  6. 6 Jim J.

    Ditto on Vegas Mate for Droid.

    Heck, I’d even pay $2.99 for it.

  7. 7 Randy in Whittier

    Kelly The P call was the highlight IMO.

    Oh yeah and Tim’s report was pretty ok too.

  8. 8 Tim

    Kelly’s calls always rock. We have a few more for the next show.

  9. 9 Dan from North of Toronto

    Update on food.

    Dairy Queen and Orange Julius will be debuting at Excalibur


  10. 10 Dan from North of Toronto

    I mean


  11. 11 Richard of Lawrence, KS

    Bellagio Heister Caught

    See his mugshot at and note his shirt.

  12. 12 Al San Diego

    Dan, maybe a reason for going to Excalibur? Orange Julius is a great hangover cure. I’ve wanted one in Vegas forever

  13. 13 Dave

    I play on a rec league volleyball team, and a new season is about to start. There’s a tradition in the league that team names are often a bit on the off-color side, so I proposed that our team this year be called the Cock Juggling Thunder Cunts.

    It was deemed “too confusing” by league officials. Not too offensive or obscene, but confusing. I can live with that.

  14. 14 Terrie from NC


    Speaking of the Cosmopolitan, I got an offer about a month ago for 2 free nights in the wrap-around terrace suite, $300 in table or slot play and $225 in Food Credit. I don’t have a card with these folks. I never even set foot in the place. Not sure which database they picked my name up from. I am Diamond at Harrahs. At Venetian, Wynn, & MGM I am the lowest player card you can get. Initially the offer was until the end of February but I called cause I couldn’t travel in Feb. They extended the offer until the end of March. Wasn’t planning on going to Vegas until the Fall but with this offer I decided to squeeze in some time to experience these suites I keep hearing so much about. Staying on a comp at Ballys after I’m done with Cosmo.

    AFter March I am bumped down to Platinum. I hope Harrahs save the day by extending my Diamond for another year. We will see!

  15. 15 Dan from north of Toronto

    The Sinatra Smash is front and centre on this months Wynn newsletter.


  16. 16 Mychal

    ^Good call Dan… nice that they posted the recipe.

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