Five Hundy by Midnight 290: Kid Tested, Mother Approved

Las Vegas podcast #290 includes:

  • Oprah opener
  • Caesars doesn’t give up on its Ferris wheel plans
  • New show planned for Caesars Palace
  • Rio gets a fancy Burger King
  • Harry Reid seems like a dick
  • We love our sponsor, Vegas Mate
  • Listener calls and e-mails about Cosmopolitan, Australian Bee Gees, Holsteins, Terry Fator, China Poblano, Wynn noise problems, Tropicana resort fees, Sinatra Dance With Me, Garth Brooks, Comme Ca, Todd English PUB and more
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26 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 290: Kid Tested, Mother Approved

  1. I swear, I had to stop what I was doing in the garage where I was listening to this episode and come in to Google the damn Whopper Bar because I was having a hard time believing that you weren’t making that shit up to mess with us.

    Ferris Wheels and Whopper Bars? Is it possible for an entire city to Jump the Shark?

  2. oh my god. the music for the whopper bar website you linked to is amazing. its just as fabulous as the the whopper bar concept itself.


  3. I love that song. “I don’t want your freedom… I don’t want to play around… I don’t want nobody baby… part time love just brings me down… I don’t need your freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom… girl all I want right now is you.”

    According to my play count in iTunes, my current jam is “Fearless” by Taylor Swift.

  4. I concur with the voicemail review of Wynn that complained about the noise level from the clubs! We stayed in a room on the 36th floor on the golf course side (and situated more toward Encore than Palazzo) back in November, and the music was loud and clear enough that I could sometimes figure out what song was playing if I wasn’t actively tuning it out. It wasn’t a big deal for me as I’m a night owl whether I’m at home or in Vegas and it was off by the time I was ready to pass out. But given Wynn’s reputation of providing a wonderful customer experience for all types of guests I was surprised by it, even more so now that I know the music is just as loud on the other side of the building. At the time I just assumed it was because we were on the XS side on the tower. I can’t imagine all of Wynn’s guests are the type to stay up past 3am, what do they do for the guests this is a real problem for?

  5. Interesting story….
    Crossing the line cost Hard Rock Hotel
    Illegal drug sales at resort’s hot spot draw $650,000 fine

    The Hard Rock’s “Rehab” reality TV show on truTV featuring frequent dust-ups with inebriated customers and exhibitionists was another source of heartburn for regulators. “Rehab” was canceled after Hard Rock was sued by the East Coast-based owners of the Hard Rock brand, who claimed the show tarnished the brand by portraying “drunken debauchery, acts of vandalism, sexual harassment, violence and criminality.”

    Regulators didn’t shut down the show, which did not have the blessing of the Control Board. Still, it “didn’t do them any favors” by broadcasting that debauchery worldwide, Sayre said.

    Meanwhile, the Hard Rock is still nurturing its party image.

    The property hosted the 25th season of “Real World,” a reality show airing on MTV next month.

    On its website, MTV says the show centers on “seven strangers living in a city defined by pleasure, temptation and the excitement of youth.”

  6. Dave! You of all people should know that “Freedom” was a George Michael solo effort, not a Wham! song! [he says, shifting uncomfortably at what he might be opening himself up to in regards to his knowledge of George Michael oeuvre.]

  7. Wait. I’m wrong. You are right. This actually makes me feel better…

  8. The real story behind the short urinals is build code. It is for wheelchair access. Long Dongers just benefit from it.

  9. Caesars new show Abstinthe, sounds like a cross between Cirque de Solei and O’Sheas

  10. Haven’t heard a word about self-service beer taps in Las Vegas. If it’s a trend, nobody seems to be noticing.

  11. With repsect to the pizza place in Cosmo, we asked a security guard about it and not only did she know about it but she walked us to it on the upper level, so the caller must have gotten a bad employee as they certainly were helpful to us.

  12. I was the caller on the Pizza Place at Cosmo. When I said they would not tell me where it was, it was because it was more of a game of us having to find it. I am sure if I pressed the point they would have told me where it was, but we played along with it. It was a good way to explore the place.

  13. Mandalay Bay had a self service beer tap at their bar by the poker room and Sports Book, however, after several months of it sitting there unused, they pulled it the last time I checked.

    If anyone knows of a place where they have the self service beer tap, let us know. I’d love to check it out!

  14. I have a quick Cosmo comment from our last trip to vegas a couple weeks ago.

    I think its a great addition to the strip, BUT my wife and I wouldnt stay there… the place makes me feel like i should be walking around with glow sticks and blasting techno. The crowd is basically XS on crack. We had mixed service results there, we asked where the pizza place was sent on a clusterfuck hunt, after about 20 minutes and talking to another staff member we found it. I also almost broke my ass when i slipped on the floor near the exit to the strip. With the amount of drunk club kids i am guessing spilled drinks on the floor is going to be a pretty common thing there. I think we will visit this place for a hour or two to play in between Aria and Bellagio, but its just a little too clubby for me.

  15. Caesars Buffet of Buffet quielty raises proce to $44.99, now a full 50% increase since i started.

  16. Dan,

    But think of how quickly you’ll be able to get through the line!

    Remember, there only thinking of the customer, after all.

  17. Oh, Good Grief.

    “They’re”, not “there”.

    And really should have been “They are”

    I should know better than to comment this early in the morning.

  18. Just got back last night, did not get any action, lost money, loved wicked spoon, loved rush tower, enjoyed the flamingo room, will stay on freemont from now on I just might lol. To much pain meds to drink, 2 phone calls to the voicemail

  19. I’VE ACTUALLY SEEN ABSINTHE! Saw it at the spiegeltent in new york. It was a few years ago, but from what i remember, you’re assumptions are about right – various acrobatic and burlesque-type acts. I think it was pretty good, and for $69….not a bad deal for the strip.

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