Five Hundy by Midnight 291: An American Favorite with a French Accent

Las Vegas podcast #291 includes:

  • Growing Pains opener
  • Bellagio announces Hyde Lounge
  • Caesars Palace replaces Augustus Cafe
  • Buffet of Buffets gets another price increase
  • Las Vegas Mob Experience opens
  • Ferris Wheel update
  • We love our sponsor, Vegas Mate
  • Listener calls about Cosmopolitan, Carrot Top, Las Vegas Hilton, freeplay, Wicked Spoon, Craftsteak, go-go dancers, Wynn Country Club jazz brunch, Mirage, Vegas Lent and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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8 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 291: An American Favorite with a French Accent

  1. Rookie mistake Tim! You should have gone straight to her drivers license.

  2. FYI Bitchin Vegas had news about the price increase for Buffet of Buffet’s 3 weeks before Die Is Cast

    2/15 –
    3/3 –

    I have no control so I stay away from buffets in general so this wasn’t a biggie to me. Haha. I figured I’d pass the info on in case you weren’t aware.

    Generally Dr. Dave doesn’t break news, but his analysis is usually second to none. As usual, sweet pod.


  3. I know some of my friends who have tried Wicked Spoon liked the small-plates buffet idea. Some of my friends in the food business felt this was cost control. You can only fit so many of those plates on a tray. It’s not a place to pig out, but if you chose wisely it’s very good. This buffet, plates or no plates, is not a contender for the best buffet in Vegas. However, it’s a nice set up, and there are some interesting offerings. BTW this was an easy comp for me, I was playing BJ for about two hours and asked for it, per a dealers recommendation that I do. It’s worth trying, and some of the live stations have pizazz.

  4. Vegas Tripping is reporting that the Sahara is closing. I’m more depressed by this than I had expected to be.

  5. It all started with closing the Ho and Stardust.

    My question is: How will the Sahara closing affect the Monorail operation as it was the end of the line?

    I miss the Stardust… IDIOTS, Boyd Properties are IDIOTS!!!

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