Las Vegas podcast #292 includes:

  • Oprah opener
  • Mainstream media takes our angle on Celine
  • Sahara is closing in May
  • Caesars Palace goes Japanese with Nobu Hotel
  • Let’s go to the mall!
  • Stratosphere closes Superstars show
  • Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon goes dark, sort of
  • We love our sponsor, Vegas Mate
  • Listener calls about Harrah’s KGB Burger, Fontana Lounge, Double Down Saloon, Sugar Factory, Strata, American favorites with a French accent, Cosmopolitan, Flamingo, Aria, Palazzo, First Food, Crystals mall and more
  • The Final Countdown
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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24 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 292: Caesars is Turning Japanese? I Really Think So.”

  1. 1 Darran

    Don’t recall any mention of a fix, but anyone who uses itunes – actually managed to download this episode straight to the itouch, without having to go through itunes on PC.

    Have not tried to do this for a while, but know in the past was unable to.

  2. 2 mike from roseville

    the sackpack is really a perfect vessel in which to pack your sack; although Tim, wearing the sackpack when travelling may result in special attention from the TSA.

  3. 3 Gray

    Great show as usual, you guys. Definitely a lot of news this week. I had the same reaction as you when I heard the news about Nobu and Caesars. Makes no sense to me either–and being a bit of a theme purist, it will always irritate me that there will be this one Japanese tower amongst an otherwise entirely Roman theme. Which of these things is not like the others….

  4. 4 Randy in Whittier

    I will miss the Sahara.

    It’s well past it’s glory days…but it was still a fun place to spend a couple of hours.

  5. 5 Al San Diego

    I got an offer today from the Venetian/Pal….. for 2 free comp nights. Anyone else get this letter? Perhaps its a PR move. It’s good til Apr 23rd.

  6. 6 dan from michigan

    did that guy spell shepherd correctly?

  7. 7 Terrie from NC

    @Al SanDiego: no, I just got another sorry ass offer just this weekend. $129 a night during the week and if I stay a minimum of 2 nights they will give me $25 in slot play. I wish they just stop send me these swell offers.

    Mean while back at the ranch, The Las Vegas Sun had this article:

    I hate to burst ur bubbles but Newsweek said Celine Dion won’t be able to save Las Vegas from themselves.


  8. 8 Tim

    I got the $129 Venetian/Palazzo offer too. #fuckMEGACENTER(TM)

  9. 9 Dan from North of Toronto

    Chuck and Hunter are tweeting Vegas miracles brought to yu by Celine.

    Very funny.


  10. 10 Al San Diego

    I’m not a Celine fan. But I definitely DO hope she makes a big difference. I think we all think she will make some difference. I’m in favor of her making a huge difference because I’d like to see some employees hired back, and I don’t want to see the hotel tax quadruple– and it could. Vegas is still in very serious trouble. I need it to stick around and thrive until I’m in a walker.

  11. 11 William du San Francisco

    Marathon at night = No desert sun.

    That’s a jog I can get behind!

  12. 12 Eric From Fuckin' Vegas

    Last night I went to bed early, not wanting to miss a single minute of the Morning News pronouncing Las Vegas as back. It was a sleepless night, tossing and turning, thinking about the New Las Vegas.

    This morning I woke up early, bound myself in a bathrobe, brewed up a pot of Coffee, and sat in front of the TV to welcome the dawning of a new Era.

    The sun shown a bit brighter on this cloudy day in the Vegas valley. The birds seemed to chirp just a bit cheerier, the children’s laughter a bit more gleeful, and there is now a general sense of well being among the neighbors. People waving at one another as they pass by. Drivers less agitated than normal, moving together.

    Yes, you read that right, everyone is in a better mood this morning?

    Why, you might ask?

    Simple, my dear soul, simple.

    Celine Dion has saved Las Vegas.

    She’s back BABY A and BABY B, she’s back!

  13. 13 Steven

    Undercover Boss this Sunday features the CEO of the MGM Grand. Looks like they have him going undercover as a dealer on a few games. One way to get your Vegas fix on a Sunday night.

  14. 14 Gilby

    Speaking of bacon oriented drinks, I had one that was actually really good. At Book & Stage, they have a drink called “The Colonial” which has bacon infused Makers Mark, sparkling apple cider, lemon juice and maple syrup.

  15. 15 Terrie from NC

    @Eric: Well Hell sounds like a Utopia out there. After Vegas is done with Celine send her this way. We could use an economic makeover.

  16. 16 Dan from North of Toronto

    got an offer from Caesars – from $55 per night with two Buffet of Buffet passes per two night stay.


    At $44.95 each, doesn’t that work out to $10 per night for the room? Admttadley it is a the IP but doesn’t anybody own a caclulator there?

    Why not offer a room with the Buffet, where you can comfortabely throw up?


  17. 17 Mark from San Diego

    Tim and Michelle, you’ve never stayed at Harrah’s? I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing special about Harrah’s. I just would have thought with all the Total Rewards offers over the years you would have stayed there at least once.

    Of course now that I rethink it, not staying at Harrah’s is probably a source of pride.

  18. 18 Danielle

    Hi, just a quick question for Michele…a few epidodes ago you had mentioned a new favorite shoe website where you could design your own, but I can’t remember what it was called. Thanks! ☺

  19. 19 Michele

    Yes– it’s

    The final product isn’t cheap, but it’s a fun site to play around on whether you’re looking or purchasing.

  20. 20 Danielle

    Thanks Michele!!

  21. 21 Darran

    No sex, no drugs, no wine, no women
    No fun, no sin, no you, no wonder it’s dark.

    Sounds like. Caesars is becoming a party pooper then.

  22. 22 Terrie from NC

    @Steven: Thanks for the heads up about Undercover Boss “MGM”. That gave me my Vegas fix until next month.

    Anyway the MGM employee who promoted the MLife Players card is the same lady who approached my daughter and I while we were playing slots there at the Grand. We were on our way to the Player’s club to get her a card and decided to stop and play slots and this nice lady came up to us and told us the benefits of the card. I already had one but my daughter didn’t. She was so nice and welcoming. I meet a lot of casino employees but this lady really stood out.

  23. 23 Terrie from NC

    The employee who worked behind the front desk of the MGM checking in people looked like she saw a ghost after the COO revealed himself. You would have thought Chris Hanson from Dateline busted her. You know that “I’ve shitted in my pants” look.

  24. 24 Marc and Karen

    Intersting bit of sensational spin from one of the UK’s tabloids. Anyone who reads the Daily and Sunday Express wouldn’t be surprised by the slant they take 😉

    Celine – ‘the one-woman economic recovery’ machine.

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