Five Hundy by Midnight 293: Boozey Ramblefest

Las Vegas podcast #293 includes:

  • Colbert Report opener
  • Earth Hour
  • 40-Year-Old Boy Podcast mention
  • Popularity contest
  • Undercover Boss
  • Las Vegas Marathon reactions
  • Celine’s setlist
  • Tropicana signs Gladys Knight
  • Listener calls about Todd English PUB, Sahara, Hash House, Peppermill, M Resort, Aria, Cosmopolitan, Celine Dion and more.
  • Pub Crawl
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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23 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 293: Boozey Ramblefest

  1. Quick question folks. Conference at the MEGACENTER (aka Sands Expo) next year. Given the new “No Comps for You” policy from Sheldon, should I stay at Venetian, Palazzo, or Wynn? I’ve stayed at Mirage for a conference here before and it would literally take me 30 minutes to walk from my room to the conference, thus the decision between these three.


  2. There’s no better way to stick it to Sheldon than giving your money to Wynn. That said, the walk from your Wynn room to the conference center at MEGACENTER probably won’t be a treat either.

  3. Regarding the Encore dealer question at the end:

    Yes, Wynn and Encore dealers are required to share their tips with the other floor staff (game supervisors). This was a very controversial move when it was made (and still is). This is not a typical practice and resulted in lawsuits, labor actions and the dealers at Wynn unionizing.

    In the past, Wynncore dealers have been pegged in the ~$90k-$100k range so with a falling economy and the new sharing policy, $80k is possible though it sounds maybe a tiny bit low.

    Wynncore dealers are some of the best paid on The Strip.

    A recent article on the issue:

  4. Allright lemme give the full tale of the Todd English walkout, the call really didn’t give it justice.

    My Brother and I are what some would call “Beer Snobs” we enjoy our beer and know what we like and how to drink it. Picture a wine snob only with Beer. So arrived at PUB with the intent on eating and drinking for a few before nickle beer night started, then having a couple nickle brews and leaving, all while paying. We arrived at 730 and nickle beer night starts at 900.

    We ordered a pitcher of Unibrou Maudite a Belgian style Canadian brewed beer, well the Barkeep brought us over frosted pint glass, we inquired about different glasses, mainly non frosted pint glasses and the bartendar was fairly rude about it, not understanding why we wouldn’t want frosted glasses. Long story short we ended up winning that argument and enjoyed our tasty beverage. We ordered some food and my brother took the 7 second challenge, which is fairly easy w hen you do a pint of PBR. After the challenge our plates were left unattended for a faily long time but we were pretty well buzzed so it didn’t really matter but our glasses were empty. At this point its about 830, and the bar is getting more crowded, we finally get the attention of some different bartendar who is just as much of a schumuck as the first one. We order a bottle of La Fin du Monde, with the anticipation of finishing that around 900 and then having a couple nickle beers.

    Once 900 hits the bar ends up doing nothing but focus on this nickle beer night, three bartendars are pouring like 14oz cups of PBR and just handing them out to people who are ordering like 10 at a time. After we got our bottle and frosted glasses..yes it happened again and we had the same fight. We drank our beer while trying to get the attention of the various barkeeps, mind you we aren’t tiny people but basic eye contact and the ole polite bartendar wave weren’t working, we truly were being ignored. We finish out bottle at like 915, and proceed to sit there for a few while our glasses and our big brown bottle sit in front of us totally empty. I go to use the can, then my brother goes, and now its like 945, and we’ve had enough.

    We just bounced, we had well over $145 tab open, and we literally were deemed second class citizens to the assholes ordering 10 nickle PBRs, we felt not remorse. Actually we went down to 9 Fine Irishmen and met a great barkeep by the name of Jose, who was awesome, when we told him that story he told us we did the right think only hammering our poit down further.

  5. @ TC: I would have done the same thing. I’ve never stiffed a server in my life, but that would have been the first time. And I’m thinkin’, If I’m the bartender, I don’t care what kind of glass you want to drink out of as long as you’re happy and keep the tips coming.

  6. Thanks for the link to Pub Crawl, it’s really awesome! It’s great to see a bar-centric Vegas podcast, great production values too.


    Bought a netbook and a playing cassette. Listen to longer episodes without CD. Thnks for the concern Michele, and now I know why I voted for her Tim you Ahole. 🙂

    The walk from the Wynn to Sands is not nearly as bad as the walk from Centre strip. And all the beautifu peolep hand out there.

    Had a lovey chat with Davd and Alicia at the Podcatapalooza. Nice people.

    BTW I do not beleive that the contrbuiton to the floor people is as high as 50%. The math doesn’t work. And IMO the floor people should share in the tokes.


  8. Bacon question:

    I’m looking for the breakfast buffet on the strip that has the best bacon. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

  9. Regarding “Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad”, it was a song written by Bono and the Edge for Sinatra. He died before he got to recording it though, so U2 recorded it themselves.

  10. I needed to add my 3 cents worth about top 3 hotels for a 9 day stay (which is exactly what we will be doing end of Sept. beginning of Oct this year.) CANNOT WAIT!

    First – Golden Nuggett – I agree with both Tim and Michelle. Great pool and great place to stay for 2 nights. It’s fun to hang Downtown for a couple of nights. Makes you appreciate the Strip even more. You’ve got to stay at the Rush Tower Suites though. Worth the extra $’s.

    Second – personally, we love Mirage – gotta get a decent room there though. The pool is fabulous and the central location on the Strip makes it ideal.

    Third – we rent a convertible when we go to Vegas. Last year we spent our last two nights At Rumor (the Vegas “Boutique” Hotel). It was a great way to end the trip. Beautiful pool, relaxing and an incredible way to wind down. Here is the URL Highly recommend it. I also wrote a review on Trip Advisor if you want more details.

  11. @ TC, I can’t believe that the bartendars sesrve in frozen pint glasses. I find it a shame that there’s so many great beers on tap, and the staff isn’t trained servering! I went to the pub a few trips back, and was disappointed that we couldn’t find a seat at the bar. Now I’m not disappointed. Maybe my fairy beermother was watching out to me that day! 😉

    Have you written a letter stating what crappy service you had?

  12. For the three pools I was with you with your choices of the Golden Nugget and Mandalay Bay, but for the third I would have gone with the Mirage (although I’ve heard it kinda sucks if it’s really crowded). It all depends on what you’re looking for with a pool though. For me it’s gotta be a nice pool, but not very crowded. I’ve had some great pool days at Bally’s, TI and Monte Carlo, but that’s more due to the fact that they were pretty dead, obviously these aren’t the flashiest pools on the Strip. Flamingo is a decent choice though – the water was absolutely freezing during our one stay there though, so we couldn’t handle more than 30 seconds in the water.

  13. Highlights of the podcast so far: the concept of Celine Dion fan fiction, and the quote, “no more Celine Dion talk on the podcast for a while, barring some tragedy happening to her or her family.” Priceless!

  14. 47 days til Vegas! 10th year for the group of 24 heading to Vegas (3rd year for me) to golf Rio Secco, Lexington, and Revere. Arriving Wednesday, golfing Thursday, Friday, Saturday then leaving on Monday. Did Hash House last year after a all nighter on the tables. This year I cant wait to try Earl of Sandwich. Staying at the Rio again. I dont mind staying off the strip, but with 24 people we do get a great rate. Just saw O’Sheas has a new game called 3 Dice Football. Anyone played yet? Looks like a kick in the butt. Thanks for all you do!

  15. @Jeff in PDX, I’m 15 days away. I’m going to check it out! I’ll let you know!

  16. Lifton,

    I’m forming a committee to assess whether I could win, so right now, not running

  17. I disagree with what TC from Boston did. He knew approximately what his tab was. He could have just tucked $145 underneath one of the glasses and left it there for the bartender.

    But he chose not to do this, which makes him a thief.

  18. Nomination for Danielle and friend from Seattle for best trip report call EVER!!!

  19. posted on Facebook

    From Urban Dictionary: FOOD DOUCHE: A person that thinks they know the best place to get any one specific item of food and that the places you know all suck.

  20. Dan,

    That was on NPR tonight. Does that mean I’m a Radio Douche? 😉

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