Five Hundy by Midnight 294: Box Talk

Las Vegas podcast #294 includes:

  • The Daily Show opener
  • Moorea Pool goes topless again
  • Cosmopolitan opens Marquee Dayclub
  • X Burlesque gets extended
  • Breakfast show
  • The Vegas Box
  • Listener calls about Cosmopolitan, Golden Nugget, Mandarin Bar, Las Vegas marathon and more.
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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19 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 294: Box Talk

  1. Just a small correction, X-Burlesque is fully topless, not “most of boobs” ..

  2. Step 1. Put a hole in the box

    Step 2. Put your junk in the box

    Step 3. Make her open the box

  3. Havn’t listened to the podcast yet, but boy was I wrong when I clicked the Vegas box link. By the way, I’m putting the over/under at 2 as to how many times a similar joke to that was made on the podcast.

  4. I’m doing a couple unique things for my upcoming Vegas trip. Part bachelor party, part getting to chill one on one with my best friend (who gets to do that anymore?), so it’s time for a countdown: a week from Weds!

    Some new stuff: the mob experience @ Trop, the Zipline Downtown, Trop Comedy Club, possibly absinthe, have seats for Lewis Black (not a huge fan, but it works in the schedule) Also, instead of the strip club, I’m renting a limo to go to Bass Pro Shops, and the Gun Range on an early morning, as to not interfere with gambling and drinking– which is really what the bachelor wants to do.

    Question– “The Gun Range” on Trop, that’s the one everyone goes to, right? Or am I missing something?

    I must really sound like a country hick! I am an avid trout fisherman (part deux of the bachelor party is a week of fishing), but do not own a gun. Still, yeah, I think it would be a great, fun, different, surprise for the bachelor…. so please advise!

  5. O.K. enough with the Canadian money Monopoly comments.

    I case anyone isn’t looking our dollar is worth $1.04 for every U.S. dollar.

    And wait for the kicker in Windsor. Yes we do not have free booze or smoking, but we also do not have any taxes on our winnings.

    If you aren’t happy with Windsor, which by the way had 0 murders in 2010, go across the bridge to Murder City and visit the casinos there.

    BTW we in the Big Smoke call Windsor the armpit of Ontario.

  6. Taking my daughter to Vegas next week for her 21st birthday. We are arriving the day before so we can hit the casino floor the very second she becomes legal.

    Anyone have suggestions on what to do until midnight? We were thinking dinner or show but not sure which one would be interesting for an almost 21 year-old.

  7. Michele: “Are a lot of the items longer than they are wide?”
    Tim: “You’re stretching now.”

    Was that an unintentional pun?

  8. Earl of Sandwich opens its first UK store in London on Monday April 18 at 38-40 Ludgate Hill near St Paul’s Cathedral. Jolly good show!

  9. Rhonda:

    If you want to go big, a Cirque show: O, Love, KA, would be perfect for that age range– and something very Vegas. There are plenty of shows, age appropriate for a 20 year old outside of that age range, but for a special occasion, you can’t go wrong there. Dinner doesn’t work, all she and you will be thinking about is her big moment coming up: the drinking, the gambling, rehab.

  10. Limos…I know this might be a silly question but anyone know of a good limo service just for a lift from the airport to the Rio? I dont need the eyesore Hummer, or a town car. Just need a “normal limo” to get the trip off on a good note. Ive did it in the past but I cant remember what company we used. 35 days…Thanks!

  11. Earl of Sandwich open in LONDON !!!!!!!!!!!!
    That has brightened my day as we will be down there in two weeks time!
    Thanks Alastair!

  12. Just got Celine tickets for the bachelor party. This really is going to be a strange bachelor party– a limo for a shopping trip to Bass Pro Shops? Zip lines, Celien Dione tickets. I’ve also been using Groupon, got a hip hop dance class 4:1. Sweet! Checking, hopefully score big for a mid day brunch at Harrah’s.

  13. More-ray-ah Best Podcast news ever until I win the Lions Shares jackpot. Cant wait to call you from there.

    The Vegas box idea. Better than the Parabounce idea. Trying to think what to store there. How about those lucky Vegas good luck charms? Your Big Belt buckle. So a guy in a garage idea. Go out of business? because of the massive overhead of a website. Unless he stupidly acquires a massive amount of storage before he acquires any business or other new company stuff and quits his day job, he should be able to stay in business until he doesnt want to do it anymore. If he has any success, the public storage companies there can easily offer the same service.

  14. Earl of Sandwich is pretty much Quizino’s. I was there on Wed. this week. Sure they make a good sandwich, but the bitchy people that work there made the food less than appealing. For $11. I got a sandwich, chips, a drink, and a shitty attitude. No thanks.

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