Five Hundy by Midnight 295: The Miracle on Ice of Podcasts

Las Vegas podcast #295 includes:

  • Bert the Conqueror opener
  • Cosmopolitan leaks
  • USPS inadvertently features Las Vegas
  • British author blogs about Vegas
  • Flava Flav may open restaurant at Riviera, Boyyyyyy
  • Sahara closure was planned all along… yeah… that’s it
  • Online poker: Now even more illegal
  • Listener calls about Sahara matchplays, Wynn offers, Amazing Jonathan, Mirage’s buffet, Lion’s Share, The Vegas Box and more.
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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14 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 295: The Miracle on Ice of Podcasts

  1. SLS is his luxury hotel brand (he’s got one in LA, Miami, other places).

    I think it stands for ‘Service Luxury Style’ (just like The Sahara).

  2. And the new leader in the race for Call of The Year is Brian. And by quite a bit, I might add.

  3. Regarding the generous Wynn offer: After playing small stakes rapid roulette for several hours there one night and walking away up a couple hundred, I subsequently received two separate offers that I was allowed to use during one stay: 3 nights comped + 2 comp Garth Brooks tickets (4th row!) and they even let me buy a third ticket at face value (this was before the big price increase when tickets were scarce). I thought they must of mistaken me for a high roller and I’d never see another offer from them after they realize my play doesn’t even come close to justifying those comps. Surprisingly, I still get comp room offers, but only during the non-peak months. I was in Vegas March 23-27, which was a really busy week and a lot of hotels on the strip were sold out. I was going to stay at El Cortez instead of paying upward of $250/night until I checked rates for Harrah’s properties and signing in with my Total Rewards number. I’ve gambled less than $200 there and left when I was up $20. I was surprised that I was offered 2 comp days out of the 4 I stayed that week. Granted, it was Imperial Palace, and yes, it’s a dump but it was about the same price as El Cortez (total cost was $53/nt incl tax) and on the strip, so I can’t complain. Actually, I’d stay there again if I couldn’t get a comped room elsewhere and all I need is a place to sleep. Also, i tried the monorail for the first time and getting a day pass worked out great because I got 3 round trips between IP to MGM for $10.

  4. I had not thought about what the effects would be of shutting down the online poker sites. But, I would hope that it causes more people to go into casinos to play, since they can no longer play from the comfort of their homes. I think this will be a good thing — certainly for the Vegas casinos. Poker has changed so much in Vegas over the past couple of years that quite frankly, I quit playing it because it wasn’t fun anymore.

  5. I have to stick up for the Strat. The Back Alley Bar is probably our favorite spot for a night cap or to unwind before we crash. They have import/microbrew beers on tap, surprisingly good cheap tacos, and kitschy small bands/musicians. And I’ve never seen it busy so it’s like our own private club. It’s not really Vegasy but it’s a good getaway spot.

    It helps that we usually take up the free room offers the Strat offers, but even on our upcoming August trip where we’ll be at the HGV Club, we’ll be spending at least one evening at BAB.

  6. the British blokes tweets are whiny at times. However, I’ve enjoyed his Blog quite a bit.

  7. I found another free way to get shit hammered in Vegas – I was lurking around the VegasChatter site and found this interesting Twitter Deal, not sure how long this offer will last….but free booze, open bar Thursdays 10pm-Midnight.

    Twitter Thursdays @ PBR (This is Pro Bull Riding, not Pabst Blue Ribbon) Planet Hollywood:
    This is great deal…show waitress that follow @PBRRockBar on Twitter, and you drink free 10pm-12am

    Someone please go and let us know how it goes.

  8. Regarding the generous Wynn offer: I didn’t get something that was as awesome as the caller’s or Paul’s deal….but a deal none the less. The interesting thing was that I got a letter in the mail before a March trip from BOTH the Wynn and the Venetian. They were not bad deals…..but after calling to arrange the reservation, I found that they were both offering me comp’d rooms. 4 free days at each!

    I figured that they bought some list.

  9. My buddy got the Wynn offer and booked it immediately! $1K free play, $200/day in food and 3 comped nights! He’s going out 9/13-9/16 for his 35th birthday and I’m pretty sure I’m going to tag along! I’ll let ya know how it plays out!

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