Five Hundy by Midnight 297: This Show Is Not A Hoax

Las Vegas podcast #297 includes:

  • Iron Chef America opener
  • Cosmopolitan transgender incident seems a tad fishy
  • Paul Carr vs. Matt Goss video
  • Mandalay Bay becomes MJ Bay
  • The monorail still exists, for now
  • Sahara dumps its database
  • Tiger-based magic update
  • Breakfast with Bugsy is not part of a well-balanced breakfast
  • From the ashes of WBTALV come the message boards
  • Listener calls about Absinthe Village, Sinatra, Donny and Marie, Palm happy hour, Hooters, Lavo, Insert Coins, Tropicana, Julian Serrano, Mandalay Bay pool, toptional pools and more.
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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8 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 297: This Show Is Not A Hoax

  1. First of all, Circus Circus seems to be a better fit for a Michael Jackson Cirque show to me…

    Here are some ideas for an interactive Michael Jackson museum:

    1. Chimpanzee petting zoo

    2. Visitors can get their pictures taken next to a wax figure of Lisa Marie; the best shot being as visitors lean in for a kiss with the figure being positioned in a “recoiling in horror” stance

    3. Guests are taken to the top of the Mandalay Bay, where they are allowed to dangle a life-size, squirming mechanical baby doll over the side of the hotel

    4. Visitors may climb a variety of trees throughout the museum

    5. An amazing “reverse tanning bed” designed to lighten skin color

    Sounds like a blast!

  2. #2– Bonus points if the Lisa Marie wax figure contains a recording that says, “Yum yum, gimme some” every time someone leans in.

  3. Allegiant just changed our flight time for our vegas trip next month to 11 at Night! Say there is nothing they can do about it other than I can pay an extra 60 bucks for a flight change fee to fly out the day before. So they pretty much just ruined a whole day of our trip and not to mention I now have to pay for a hotel room pretty much just to sleep in right when I get there. Had a few reservations for that night and now will mis them. It would probably take two clicks of a mouse to change our flights to the day before so we would mis out on what we had planned. They tell me theremanagers dont have phones so I cant speak to one of them, but tell me my only option is to write the Customer Complaint dept. I ask her ok what is there number, she tells me they dont have phones or email addresses, and that the only way to contact them is to Write them a hand written letter and that they will contact me in 6-8 weeks, I tell them there is no way that is going to work our flight leaves in 4 weeks, she says that is all she can do and that if I have something else to to discuss that is fine but she is going to have to hang up if I ask anymore about the flight time, I tell her I would like a refund then because this is not what I agreed to when I bought this ticket and that I would of ever booked this ticket in the first place had I of known it was going to leave at this time. she then hangs up on. called back two more times got the exact same responce

  4. Hey didn’t Rick Thomas occupy the Stardust too before it closed? Just saying…..So I gues the Riv is next?

  5. I loved the Mob Experience. But, heck, dangling babies, and chimpanzee petting? Count this “Moonwalker” in.

  6. Hey, The bathroom thing is a bit fishy. Didn’t you get a call from a Guy in the womens bathroom one time late at night. Maybe he/she should use the bathroom there.

  7. My husband & I checked out Insert Coins on Sunday and again on Monday because we had some friends who wanted to go, but couldn’t go on Sunday. The place is more or less split down the middle by the bar, with the bottle-service tables on the right and the arcade games on the left. The tables each had their own tvs complete with controllers and consoles. Above the bar were several more tvs, each with a different game. As long as you sat at the bar and were drinking, you could get a controller for your game of choice.

    When we got there on Sunday around 9-9:30, there were a few people there. It started getting packed around 11 and the hipster quotient definitely went up. On Monday the place wasn’t busy at all. They have a good selection of games, a lot of classics. My only complaint is some of the arcade cabinets are too close to the bar. People tend to congregate right in front of the games and it makes it hard to manuever. If they got rid of the bottle service and spread the games out more, it’d be better. Also they have a dance floor or I think that’s what it was supposed to be, although we didn’t see anyone dancing on either night. We had a great time both nights.

  8. Stephanie should spend more time at O’Shea’s. You can do anything you want in their bathrooms, I hear.

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