Five Hundy by Midnight 298: You Know It, You Love It

Las Vegas podcast #298 includes:

  • Live with Regis and Kelly opener
  • The Strip is going dark
  • Santana leaves a gaping hole at the Hard Rock
  • Sahara raffles off its progressive jackpots
  • Mirage Resorts loses Dollar
  • LobsterME ASAP
  • TI says goodbye douchey nightclub, hello douchey spring break party bar
  • Dig This!
  • Holding on to the dream: A Parabounce update
  • Dr. Dave’s Las Vegas history lecture got me to watch C-SPAN 3
  • Listener calls about RiRa, Tropicana, Cosmo’s Secret Pizza Place, Sahara, Viva Elvis, Thirsty Third Thursday pub crawl, Steve Friess and more.
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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13 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 298: You Know It, You Love It

  1. new concept: Mow This! For a mere $100, you can come to my house and sample from my vast collection of lawn maintance equipment. Includes an hour and a half on my eleven year old John Deere Lawn tractor, includes a quick lesson and within 15 minutes, you’ll be mowing. Then a walk behind mower, gas powered trimmer, and gas powered blower to complete the entourage.

    Corporate Groups may also reserve a chain saw.

    The mower experience is limited to once a week from May to October…make your reservations early. Buy one ‘experience’ and get one free. (or buy none get one free)

  2. With all the burger places in Las Vegas, at least one of them must serve a Juicy Lucy. Google’s not finding much for me; anybody have any insights?

  3. The food at RiRa leaves something to write home about….

    Have you ever had real Irish cooking? ITs pretty mediocre, can’t expect much out of terrible food even when its in a fancy locale.

  4. After Move This, Build This, Milk This, and Mow This .. I think I’ll opt for Fuck This

  5. In Vegas Inc, I saw this article today:

    Casino Revenue Tanks After Las Vegas Sands Cuts Comps:

    However, in the April 2011 Issue of Strictly Slots (there is no link to this article) it stated that cash flow increased since they slashed comp offerings to the low to middle tier player. Sheldon Adelson stated in the article that eliminating comp offerings to the low to middle tier players has helped sell hotel rooms which resulted in a substantial increase in cash flow. He said during a recent earnings quarterly conference call the property’s cash flow increased 25.9 percent.

    I’m inclined to believe the first article. I think the low to middle tier players, aka leeches, in Adelson’s world is definitely having a negative impact in the bottom line of Venetian/Palazzo.

  6. I subscribe to Casino Player, I always thought Strictly Slots was just a half yearly insert. Is it a stand alone or coincidentally the name of sn unrelated publication? I love silly gambling rags.

  7. BC – I found this place, but it’s off strip. It’s on Tropicana, so you should be able to take a short bus ride there.

    I can’t comment on the quality, because I’ve never been there. (I just found out about it last week.)

    The specials are: Happy Hour 4-7 weekdays, $2 drafts, 1/2 price appetizers.

    Buy one burger, get the second free.

  8. Thanks, Gilby! I’ll have a rental car, so getting there will be no problem. Looks good!

  9. I think the best use for Dig This! would be to go ahead an knock down Fontainebleau.

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