Beer! Fun! Fun! Fun!

We at Five Hundy by Midnight get a little tingly whenever we hear about an event combining two of our loves, Las Vegas and drinking obscene amounts of alcohol. So when we heard about the Las Vegas World Beer Fest, we were intrigued.

Every weekend beginning Oct. 13, 2011, the Beer Fest will take over the parking lot behind Bally’s. Tickets are available from $10 (entry only) with drink coupons for $1.25 each. I’m guessing a beer will run about six coupons. Of course, I’ll be shelling out $163 for the Platinum Package, because Michele and I want matching Las Vegas Beer Fest cowboy hats, glasses and t-shirts.

I’m glad the organizers are featuring only “official beer games.” I hate unofficial beer games. However, I’m wondering if the assurance of “beautiful people” is guaranteed, and whether they’ll be beautiful upon entry or only after I’ve pounded a dozen brews. Also, someone may want to work with the voiceover guy on his pronunciation of “Bellagio” and “Palazzo” and let the video editor know Cosmopolitan isn’t part of CityCenter. But I’m nitpicking.


5 thoughts on “Beer! Fun! Fun! Fun!

  1. It could be cool.

    You know what’s funny? A few weeks ago, there was a festival like this in Ohio, and the same week, it was cocktail week in NYC. Of course I was on call that weekend, so I couldn’t make it to either. (The brewfest was a 3 hour drive, and NYC is just a hour and a half plane ride away, so I could have easily made it to either event.)

  2. Why are they setting up kegs and tents for this?
    All they had to do was get one of those Las Vegas Magicians to move all the frat-rats from O’Shea’s Beer Pong down to the lot behind Ballys. It will be nothing but screaming drunken frat-rats, overly loud music, and yuppies who saw the word microbrew and came seeking quality but forgot to bring a magnifying glass so they could see the size of the glass of beer you get for ten tickets.

  3. If nothing else, the video helped me “wake up the party in me”.

    Now back to bed.

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