Ooh! That Smell. Can’t You Smell That Smell?

Walking past Caesars Palace in the summer, Las Vegas visitors frequently catch a whiff of a mystery odor resembling that of steamed ass. Much to my dismay, I discovered during last week’s Strip visit that the stench has multiplied. Halfway across the Paris Las Vegas entryway toward the recently opened celebutard magnet known as Sugar Factory, the stink couldn’t be avoided.

Does anyone know the origins of this foul odor? I have only one theory.

Kardashian Ass


6 thoughts on “Ooh! That Smell. Can’t You Smell That Smell?

  1. I’ve smelled it when eating outside at Mon Ami Gabi during the warmer months. I chalked it up to the Paris “ambiance”. It’s the smell of open sewers you get when riding on the Paris subway in the summer.

  2. It’s stagnant water from the drainage canal beneath the Strip. The pungent odor eminating from the curbside storm drains and out of the open sidewalk grates (notably in front of Caesars and the Flaming-O) is almost unbearable.

    Btw… I took this pic a couple of weeks ago for you guys:


  3. That makes sense. Thanks. I still think Kim Kardashian’s giant ass is a partial factor.

    Long live Snackus Maximus.

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