Las Vegas Flashback: 1997

Can’t get enough outdated Las Vegas footage on The Travel Channel? Five Hundy by Midnight has you covered. It’s time to look back at Las Vegas circa 1997. It was a simpler time… a time when Danny Gans was doing his already outdated impressions at Rio; a time when when the city was thriving; a time when casino executive Glenn Schaeffer sounded like Mr. Howell; a time before Roy was mistaken for tiger food. I give you NBC’s Today Show from Las Vegas circa April 1997:


2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Flashback: 1997

  1. Some great footage there! I miss the old Treasure Island sign… & of course, the Stardust

  2. Yes – and back before Kaite Couric was a serious journalist. Liked her so much better then!

    Also back when they actually finished building hotels after knocking down an old one.

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