Can’t get enough outdated Las Vegas footage on The Travel Channel? Five Hundy by Midnight has you covered. It’s time to look back at Las Vegas circa 1997. It was a simpler time… a time when Danny Gans was doing his already outdated impressions at Rio; a time when when the city was thriving; a time when casino executive Glenn Schaeffer sounded like Mr. Howell; a time before Roy was mistaken for tiger food. I give you NBC’s Today Show from Las Vegas circa April 1997:


2 Responses to “Las Vegas Flashback: 1997”

  1. 1 Mychal

    Some great footage there! I miss the old Treasure Island sign… & of course, the Stardust

  2. 2 bagadonutz

    Yes – and back before Kaite Couric was a serious journalist. Liked her so much better then!

    Also back when they actually finished building hotels after knocking down an old one.

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