Five Hundy by Midnight 309: The Sounds of Silence

Las Vegas podcast #309 includes:

  • Bridezilla opener
  • Insert Coin(s) plans Minneapolis location
  • Cee-Lo Announces vague Las Vegas plans
  • Thunder From Down Under gets extended
  • Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show moves
  • Luxor gets a new restaurant
  • Las Vegas Restaurant Week returns
  • Taste of Wynn returns
  • Taste of Aria begins
  • Our sponsor, Viator’s Things to do in Las Vegas
  • Listener calls about Downtown Cocktail Room, beer bar, TruTV’s Vegas Strip, Absinthe, Seablue, Bally’s, Prime Steakhouse, Mon Ami Gabi, Vesper Bar and much more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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6 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 309: The Sounds of Silence

  1. I feel obligated to defend my Vesper bar comment in this podcast. It might be better if the bartender was attending to us, but we had a cocktail server doing it. The pretentiousness was a reference to the idea that you can make a drink “better” and then have your colleagues award you made up awards for it. Basically the way the waitress presented the drink “on the right” as a better version than the traditional. I’m all for fresh ingredients and the idea of working hard on your craft, which is what Downtown Cocktail Room emphasized. To me, the Mayan was basically undrinkable due to its spice level and seemed like a lazy way to try to “improve” a Manhattan.

  2. No need to defend it. Your comments were and are fair critiques.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion. I think sometimes people shy away from giving their honest opinion when it differs from the popular sentiment. I’m glad you didn’t hesitate to give your honest assessment.

  3. Since we are going to be in Vegas during Restaurant Week, I did a little research and found that, much like the Philadelphia Restaurant Week, it isn’t much of a bargain unless you are going in planning on getting three courses (and same goes for Taste of Wynn and Taste of Aria). If you are not a dessert person, I’d just order off the menu; we will of course report however if we do RW (Table 10, Fiamma, and Michael Mina are the ones that intrigue me the most).

  4. Ok…The guy who always calls from overseas, wins $60,000 on VP and buys expensive cars with his winnings and is always doing other cool shit every time he calls! Well, he gets my vote to replace the guy on the Dos Equis commercial for “the most interesting man in the world”

  5. Thanks David, just trying to live life to the fullest and have always had luck on my side.

  6. I didn’t finish listening to the episode yet, since I was out of town, BUT I think I have a guess where Cee-lo might be playing.

    I was in the Hard Rock, and they have one of Cee-Lo’s outfits on display near the entrance.

    He also filmed a video at Caesars Palace, so that would be my second guess.

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