Linq: Sort of a Big Deal

There was a time when the notion of Imperial Palace and O’Shea’s going away would have bummed me out. Unfortunately, under the ownership of Caesars Entertainment, most of the charm of these two joints has eroded. So with VegasTripping’s report today that both casinos are likely to undergo much more than the “reskinning” previously revealed, I’m just sort of meh about the whole thing. VT reports that we should know more when Caesars discusses the mighty Linq during a press conference on Wednesday.

The days of BEER Fun! Fun! Fun! are long gone.

Update (8/17/11)
It’s official. For all of the details, read this and this.


8 thoughts on “Linq: Sort of a Big Deal

  1. It’s going to take all the approximately $550m dollars to build, all of which is fully funded and sitting in the bank, to clean up IP and O’Sheas.

    If they expect the Sky Wheel to be a sucess, they’ll need to expand it to service both the Airport and Downtown connections and the plans are currently underway to do just that.

    As for Bill’s, Caesars has ignored it since Boyd fucked up and got rid of it, why not wait till 2013 to “see anything happen to Bill’s” to include housekeeping.

    Mazer said that “when they’ve had to walk customers to Bill’s (overbooking at his core properties), they’ve often said they like Bill’s better” but how did they feel about going from a Total Rewards property to a card that earns comps at only one place on the Strip, or anywhere else??? If Total Rewards is so good, or Bill’s is such a “great little place” why do they need their own Club Card?

  2. Apparently it is part Trebuchet as well. It must have variable release points where the pods are let go.

  3. Just drawing attention to another spectacular attraction, The Las Vegas Monorail. Most folks have ridden it once too.

  4. Well, yeah, the juxtaposition of the two is pretty funny. Building a Ferris Wheel BEHIND the strip, with riders getting views of parking garages and vacant land that will take 20 years to fill in? Even dumber than building the monorail back there. I can hear PR people in 3 years saying that the Wheel WOULD have worked if the monorail had connected to downtown and the airport.

    The only place that a Wheel could possibly succeed is if it is built outside of Caesars Palace on all that under-utilized space, with a pedestrian bridge over to Project Linq. Anyplace else, and they are building a Wheel hoping that the skyline will fill in around it, something that just won’t happen in the next five years.

    How about building a Sky Wheel half way between Victorville, CA and Las Vegas for riders of the proposed high speed rail? The Rock-A-Hoola Sky Wheel, maybe?

  5. (Rock-a-Hoola is the name of an abandoned water park north of Barstow CA, roughly a halfway point for drivers from Southern CA. It’s one of those sites that makes you think “I’m that many miles closer to Vegas!” If you make the drive up Interstate 15, you know it! Unfortunately, my reference will be lost on the many people who fly to Vegas. Sorry!)

  6. while they’re at it; they should do something about Harrah’s. There’s no reason to go there.

    I like the idea of these old places but since they’ve destroyed the gambling so effectively, I might as well piss it away at somewhere with decent drink service and restrooms that have been cleaned in the last decade. R.I.P. O’Shea’s and IP They can never take away our smokey, hazy memories.

    Hopefully the IP wait staff will continue on in the new set up…dealertainers can move on.

    They can announce all they want but I bet beer pong and the leprechan midget will be around for awhile yet.

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