But Where Will I Play “Official Beer Games”?

Remember back in May when we told you about plans for an all-year beer fest planned for the parking lot behind Bally’s? Even amidst our excitement at the idea of a new Las Vegas drinking experience, we always felt that the whole thing seemed a little off. And we were definitely skeptical about the Las Vegas World Beer Fest’s likelihood of sticking around for a full year.

So, it comes as no surprise that the Las Vegas World Beer Fest start date of Oct. 13, 2011, has been delayed indefinitely. The organizer’s website says new dates will be announced soon. Riiiiight.

Let’s examine where this falls on the official Five Hundy by Midnight “Things That Will Never Actually Open in Las Vegas, but Let’s Pretend They Will” List, in order from soonest to latest.

  1. Fontainebleau
  2. Exotic Animal Encounter (aka The Pocket Zoo)
  3. Las Vegas World Beer Festival
  4. Parabounce
  5. Crown Las Vegas
  6. Las Vegas WET
  7. SkyView observation ferris wheel
  8. The Moon Resort and Casino
  9. Countryland USA

8 thoughts on “But Where Will I Play “Official Beer Games”?


    Wow…if they can’t even use correct English to announce their delay, I think that pretty much sums it up.

  2. I knew I was leaving something obvious off the list. I’m fully expecting a long string of other failed projects in the comments.

  3. Oh we should have known from the cheap video which couldn’t pronounce Bellagio and Palazzo right I think.

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