Five Hundy by Midnight 316: Family Cookie Time

Las Vegas podcast #316 includes:

  • Flowers in the Desert opener
  • Las Vegas World Beer Fest isn’t happening
  • Las Vegas Mob Experience is retooling
  • Gladys Knight is staying
  • Blush is closing
  • Caesars is clubbing
  • Our sponsor, Viator
  • Listener calls about falling asleep during O, Palm Happy Hour time change, Absinthe, Swingers Club, Restaurant Week, Planet Hollywood’s pool, Bradley Ogden, Hash House, Plaza, Casa di Amore, Vegas Video Network, Wicked Spoon, TJ’s, Aureole, Rod Stewart and more
  • London Five Hundy meetup?
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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4 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 316: Family Cookie Time

  1. Tim, I just want to thank you for mentioning The Chicago Brewing Company @ The Four Queens a few episodes ago. We were going down to catch The Nancy Rayguns, and I wasn’t sure where to eat dowtown, since I rarely go down there. I got the pizza, and my friend got potato skins, and we shared. Both were great. I normally don’t like potato skins (the couple times I tried them elsewhere, they were dry or bland) but I would order them again at The Chicago Brewing Company.

    You mentioned atypical times for happy hours. I don’t know if it would be considered a happy hour, but Pour 24 has $5 beers before 2:00 pm. (That’s the 24 hour beer bar @ NY, NY.) It is normally seven something. (I am not sure if this is for every beer, or just the brand I had.)

    Also, for those in south-western PA who want to try The Rockin Olives slots, they have them at The Meadows Casino. I swung by there yesterday just to hit the steakhouse, and I saw the machines on the way out. It looks like they only have two of them, and they are located near the center of the casino.

    You know who else doesn’t like Red Hot Chilli peppers? David Ivy.

  2. There is no way that Mob Experience is going to last much longer.

    I’ve been to it twice (don’t ask) and there was NO ONE going through the tour. It was a ghost town. Felt embarrassed for the actors because they were actually pretty good but they were most likely just sitting around for most of the day doing nothing.

  3. I do have to give props to – they actually called me to tell me they would refund my tickets when they announced to mob museum closing.

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