Five Hundy by Midnight 318: Gambling Twofer

Las Vegas podcast #318 includes:

  • Louis Theroux opener
  • Gambling with Tim and Michele: Hangover Slots
  • Gambling with Tim and Michele: Godard’s Rockin’ Olives Slots
  • Our sponsor, Viator’s Things to do in Las Vegas
  • Listener calls about Star Trek slots, Las Vegas Mob Experience, Plaza, Encore, Imperial Palace, Hash House, Presidential Limo, Dirty Dancing slots, Cosmopolitan, Earl of Sandwich, Swinger’s Club and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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6 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 318: Gambling Twofer

  1. Louis Theroux opener saved up for your London Trip ?

    Was great meeting you both and the other listners. Perhaps you should make it an annual event.

    I did forget to ask though, did you see any shows?

    Rockin’ Olives – it is a good game, but falls into the category of slot machine I am least likely to play when hungover.

    Have a safe trip back.

  2. Does anybody know if Human Nature will have any other shows past Dec 14th? I will be there the following week and this was one of the shows I was hoping to catch.

    Also, Tim and Michelle, I will be taking a roadtrip with my wife next weekend and have about the last 15 hours worth of shows lined up on my mp3 player for the ride. She has never listened to your show so I figure this is the perfect time for her to start, especially since we will be in Vegas in Dec.

  3. You’re going to subject your wife to 15 hours of us? Have you lined up the divorce lawyer yet? Good luck.

  4. Good point Tim, maybe I will just start off with a recent show with lots of good tips and info (possibly the recent 2 hour show). And hopefully she will want to continue listening to others to prepare for our upcoming trip.

  5. My butt plugs from Amazon arrived damaged. Should I talk to you about getting a refund or Amazon?

  6. Sounds like the background music to Rockin’ Olives is very similar to the riffs played on the ELVIS Multi-strike video games that were popular a few years back. Also still available to play online And I suppose, who cares?
    Consider this a drunk-email post.

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