Five Hundy by Midnight 319: Vegas Calling

Las Vegas podcast #319 includes:

  • Late Late Show opener
  • Thoughts on the Las Vegas ferris wheel based on London Eye experience
  • London Five Hundy listener meetup report
  • Our sponsor, Viator
  • Absinthe returns
  • Gladys Knight extension gets shortened
  • Tropicana dumps Darling Nikki
  • Palms tries pool-free dayclub with Ghostbar Dayclub
  • Lakeside sans Grill
  • Margaritaville Casino opens. Walkthrough video courtesy of listener @Mitzula
  • Golden Gate owners buy Fitzgeralds
  • Flightlinez gets zippier
  • Grease and Michael Jackson: King of Pop slot machines are coming soon
  • Vegas Insiders sucked; Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas probably will too
  • Listener calls about Plaza, Fremont Street bars, Cravings buffet at Mirage, Riviera, Hennessey’s, Golden Gate, Absinthe, Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, Palazzo, Imperial Palace buffet, Embers and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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7 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 319: Vegas Calling

  1. Agree completely about the Flamingo buffet. Without a doubt the worst food we have ever had in Vegas. We will never go back, and we were hung over and would have eaten anything! How can breakfast be so bad?

  2. I have seen porn slappers hand stuff to little kids, I love standing behind the 10 year old boy after he gets the holy grail of boobies with stars over the nipples handed to them. Stops them in there tracks and hilarious. The trick is to make sure when walking by them the kid is on you left.

  3. With all due respect to Scott, the IP Buffett may be alright now (though I doubt it), but it used to be absolutely awful. My wife and I tried it once and the hard-to-screw-up breakfast experience was so bad that I have only set foot in the property twice since then. Doesn’t seem like that significant of a reaction? We ate there in 1993.

    For that matter, the second time was last October. I’m still waiting for my Jack and Coke. Certainly it will be right out as the machine I was on was only 15 feet from the server station.

  4. It doesn’t change the fact that 30 minutes in a ferris wheel is boring, but besides the looking at the strip, people like looking at the desert and the rocks/mountains that surround Las Vegas.

  5. Aww the Crime Story call takes me back, I loved that show in the 80s. It was rad.

  6. Kellythepea: I just got done watching the first season of Crime Story…truly a great show…and the Vegas content in the last 5 or 6 episodes is amazing…especially the interiors of Vegas World! Bob Stupack is even in an episode. Will probably start the 2nd season next week. Highly recommended for any Vegas nerds.

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