Las Vegas Neon Circa 1962

Ever wonder what all of those signs in the Neon Boneyard looked like in action? Check out this cool-ass video of Las Vegas in 1962. Thanks to Five Hundy listener Jim McCollum for sending this link our way.


8 thoughts on “Las Vegas Neon Circa 1962

  1. I was there as a kid in about 66-67 and the scenes of Freemont St. are just like my memories!

  2. “Laugh Capades of 1962.” I imagine that was comprised of lots of awful jokes about mothers-in-law, how women can’t drive, and the Negro Problem.

  3. so beautifully digitized. my uncle heiny’s super8 never looked that good!! i’ve only watched it once, and i did so slack jawed.

    thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I am always fascinated seeing how things looked back in time. Will Vegas of today look so dated 50 years from now? What will have changed and how will it look?
    Very Cool!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great video! One of the clearest I’ve seen of old Vegas. Some of those old signs were fantastic and better than what some of them we have today. Thanks for posting this!

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