Five Hundy by Midnight 326: A Colorful Slice of Americana

Las Vegas podcast #326 includes:

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11 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 326: A Colorful Slice of Americana

  1. I glad you put this up, now I will finish cleaning my basement. Tim, don’t worry about throwing out kids pics, I do it all the time and they are of my kids!

  2. Feeling older and more unhipper that usual; I have always thought it wss Deadmau 5. I wondered why one person would be called something 5? And what was a dead mau, anyway? Was there a live mau?

    I don’t think the Sapphire Pool was open 3 months in 2009 before it was shut down after the police rail.

    I think camino means street, or road in Spanish. Ford started with the El Ranchero (The Ranch) in 1957, and Chevrolet followed in 1959 with El Camino (The Road). I wonder if Dos Caminos means 2 roads or 2nd Sreet?

    I think they can use H, O, T, and L from the Hilton sign after they change the name. All they have to do now is get an obviously off-sized and colored E and they will do the cheapest changover of the iconic sign possible. Too bad. I love the Hilton. Greatest upside in Las Vegas, IMO. How a company screw themselves this completely with a Monorail stop, location next door to the Convention Center (including indoor passageway), unrivaled entrance and lobby, Star Trek (or sci-fi at the least) casino and Barry Manilow is beyond me!?

  3. FYI…RM Seafood is moving into the Shangria Lily (SP) space in Mandalay Bay. MJ exhibit moving into the RM space.

    Dead what…. I know I am old… but who the F would watch a guy in a mouse head spinning records!!!

  4. Not that I am an expert…Deadmau5’s name comes from when he was primarily sharing music online and doing cam stuff. He found a dead mouse in his basement and shared it via cam to a bunch of people. They started calling him the dead mouse guy, that evolved into Deadmau5.

    Its actually a very good move by the Wynn, while the details aren’t released yet, they just made XS and EBC the destination for club people from all over the world. He is considered the best electronic music artist out there. It would be like if Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga decided to set up shop in the Colosseum for an extended period of time. Pretty much all of his fans now know that he can be found in Vegas all year.

  5. Just finished the podcast…. What show did Tim & Michelle see? I would have bet $100 if I was in Vegas on Absinthe. Then you reveal it’s not… This is like listening to a Reality Podcast. After the Break… find out what show and all about our trip.

    Great Show… Thanks!

  6. I will miss the Western. It was a fun place to talk to strangers.

    One time we went there because we had a coupon for a shot of tequila and a Corona for $2.50. The tequila was grayish-brown and tasted like mouthwash cut with turpentine, but we manned up and drank it anyway. As we were leaving I saw the south side of the marquee that advertised the regular price for a tequila and Corona…..three bucks.

    Another late night we were playing $1 blackjack and started pissing off a regular by splitting tens, hitting 19, etc. He stormed out saying “It’s not funny….I play for a living!”

    Another time a couple of guys on the corner made a vaguely threatening remark to our group of six. We kept walking and a heavy-set Mexican lady walked up to us and offered to “drop” the hooligans with pepper spray.

    Good times.

  7. Deadmau5 (we knew him when he was named Joel…) added the “5” when he was chatting online on Internet Relay Chat and somebody he pissed off kept stealing and sitting on his “nick” Deadmaus… To be able to log back on and have people find him, he just changed the s to 5 and it stuck.

    But to Tim’s bewilderment at the enjoyment of watching a DJ just spinning records… a few comments:

    1. It’s mostly about the dancing… a good DJ can really manipulate the crowd by building the beat and tempo over the course of the evening, backing off to give people time to rest, then surging again. It’s actually quite an artform and the best in the business are famous and wealthy for a reason.

    2. Sometimes the stage show accompanying the DJing is quite entertaining… but see point 1 above.

    3. Guys like Deadmau5, David Guetta, Kaskade, Martin Solveig, etc., started out as DJs spinning the works of others. But they’ve evolved into artists in their own right, building new works off of samples or sometimes even creating entirely new songs. “Ghosts N Stuff” is a Deadmaus original ( ; video stars Deadmau5 at the beginning, being wheeled into the hospital). His collaboration with Kaskade, “Move for Me,” reached No.1 on Billboard magazine’s Hot Dance Airplay in 2008. (

    Hope that helps!

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