Five Hundy by Midnight 328: Old School

Las Vegas podcast #328 includes:

  • Judge Mathis opener
  • RIP Jeff Simpson
  • Las Vegas Restroom reviews
  • Murrening: Make it a thing
  • Motley Crue announces Hard Rock residency
  • Hooters goes on the auction block
  • The other Plaza isn’t happening
  • Will Fitzgerald’s become The D?
  • Palms signs deal with Cantor
  • Pornslappers adopt code of conduct
  • Viator gift certificates
  • Trip report and reviews of Chicago Brewing Company, The Beat Coffeehouse, The Flame, MoZen Bistro, Peppermill, LobsterMe, Tacos and Tequila, Flightlinez, Venetian sports book, food at Book and Stage, JoyStixx, Margaritaville Casino, Plaza renovations, RiRa, Binion’s Steakhouse Bar, Encore Lobby Bar, Fusion, Confessions of a Rock Star, Pinball HOF display at Riviera, The Talon Club and more
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14 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 328: Old School

  1. I’ll second that view from the Binion’s Steakhouse being badass. I finally got around to eating there a month ago or so and it’s outstanding. Apparently, chicken fried lobster is a signature dish, though I’m too scared of catching a butt flu from eating it. Also, fuck those zipline bitches!

  2. Michele is really lucky to be married to a respectable guy like Tim. It saved her from me saying something the “Meat Wall”.

  3. Imagine if you got in a taxi at the McCarran, asked for ‘THEhotel’ and ended up at the D Hotel instead.

    You know it’s going to happen to someone…

  4. I was a big fan of the deep fried mac and cheese balls at Book and Stage…I hope that is still on the menu. The help really liked saying “cheesy balls” too.

  5. Loved hearing details about your trip. Maybe I’ll catch you next time.

    I found RiRa to be bland mall type bar food kind of like an Irish Applebees or Chilis. When I visited the service was pretty slow. It did the trick and was better than waiting around 45 minutes for a table @ Burger Bar.

  6. 3 days and counting. Every time I think I have an “itinerary” for my trip you guys throw more stuff out there that sounds like a kick in the butt. I can’t agree with you more about Downtown. I think you summed it up well by saying you get a better bang for your buck while hanging out there. I’m adding Binon’s bar to my list and will do my best to Murrening. Great stuff guys! Thanks

  7. Heard a lot of good info on downtown. Last minute trip planned for next Saturday. Is the Mob Museum open downtown yet?

  8. Sad new about Jeff Simpson , I was a Big Fan. Life is To Fucking Short Thank God For Vega$.

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