Five Hundy by Midnight 329: A Novelty Act

Las Vegas podcast #329 includes:

  • Pretend Time opener
  • Travel Channel outdated Las Vegas show marathon on Dec. 27
  • Marathon discontent
  • What happened to all of those Gordon Ramsay restaurant plans?
  • Bradley Ogden isn’t closing
  • McFadden’s closes
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ opens at Excalibur
  • Tim rants about The Beach Boys
  • Catfish Alley opens at Hawaiian Marketplace
  • Stripper University opens Swinger’s Club location
  • Riviera extends Confessions of a Rock Star
  • Viator gift certificates
  • Listener calls about MJ Immortal Cirque show, China Poblano, AC Golden Nugget, Ka, Top Guest, Monte Carlo, Aria, Crystals, Fremont Mediterranean Cafe, Binion’s Steakhouse, Golden Gate, scavenger hunts and more
  • Christmas in Las Vegas by Clint Holmes and Leslie Gore
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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5 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 329: A Novelty Act

  1. George Harrison was the solo star of the Beatles? Heck no!

    Ringo Fucking Starr put together an EPIC touring band and has produced countless wonders of the musical variety since! He truly was the driving force of why the Beatles were successful. Remember, they weren’t shit until he joined the band. Afterwards? Instant stardom baby!

    File Under Random Celebrity Sightings:

    This last week I ran into Michio Kaku at the Bellagio. Totally geeked out. The sad part was, no one I was with even knew why I was geeking out or even who he was. I’m such a science nerd. That said, if I ever ran into Niel deGrass Tyson, I’d probably lose my shit like a 60’s schoolgirl at a Beatles concert.

    And speaking of 60’s music, the Beach Boys were popular because they sold the dream, California filled with blue skies, surfing beaches, and convertible cars.

    There’s a reason why there’s no band called the Tundra Troubadours that cracked the Top 250 because no one wants to hear songs about freezing your nuts off scraping ice off your windshield, holing up for the 10 month of winter there and smorgasbords. There’s just no dream there, just continuous thoughts of suicide.

    That said, great show this week!

  2. It’s not quite the same as a scavenger hunt but there is a thing called ‘geocaching’ that some of your listeners might find interesting. It doesn’t come with the promise of alcohol though, Tim!

    I haven’t done it myself although a number of my friends are into it. You can find more information at

    BTW Looking at yesterday’s results, I think Chris in the UK might want his karma donation back….

  3. Yup, Chris’s karma donation didn’t do the business …

    Arsenal 1 -0 Everton

    Booooo to the result. Yay to a fellow EFC Fivehundy follower. COYB!

    Also there is a (tenuous) Las Vegas tie in as Robert Earl of Earl of Sandwich and formerly PHo is an Everton director.

  4. No way! Tim, your wife called you out for poopin’ on the floor! Ha! How does this not make news? Hilarious! You guys kill me. I almost choked to death on my coffee when Michelle threw that one out there.

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