Five Hundy by Midnight 333: Boy Band Poetry Slam

Las Vegas podcast #333 includes:

  • Last Cake Standing opener
  • More evidence Fontainebleau is never opening
  • Gambling properties are making less from gambling
  • Playboy Comedy Club is on the move
  • New entertainment venue opens at Fashion Show Mall
  • Joey Fatone hosts The Price is Right
  • The Paris balloon still looks like shit
  • Off-Strip hotel renovation
  • Union closing rumors
  • Our sponsors, Viator
  • and VegasMate.
  • Listener calls about dogs on The Strip, Lion’s Share, Wicked Spoon, Cosmo’s Pop-Up Wedding Chapel and more
  • Listener Dave’s video trip report
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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8 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 333: Boy Band Poetry Slam

  1. “from the thumb” means he’s from the area referred to as “the thumb” on the east side of the lower peninsula of Michigan.

  2. I got to Vegas to eat, drink, and be entertained. I might throw a buck or five in a slot machine when bar hopping for a “laugh” but it’s not the main reason I am there.

    Like Michelle said, it’s hard to change perceptions about a place. It’s funny how many people say to me “I’d like to go to Vegas someday, but I am not a gambler/big gambler.” On my first trip I only gambled twice. On my second trip, I lost 40 bucks over the course of 8 days.

    I think they are trying to make gambling sounds less “sinful” when they use “gaming.”

    For casual places, I like BLT Burger and El Segundo Sol. There is now a pizza shop at Planet Hollywood called D’Amore’s Pizza that David and Alicia really liked. They used to be off strip, but they closed the off-strip location and opened this new one. I second the Planet Dailies suggestion.

  3. Hey guys! I just wanted to say thanks for all the kind words re: Fiasco. It’s much appreciated.

    God, it really hurts to be sincere for half a second. I have to go now so I can make fun of’s stupid haircut and restore a little order in my universe.

  4. Thanks for the info on Kevin Bowe. For the last three years I’ve been periodically checking Itunes for “Las Vegas is Waiting” to no avail.

    I like the song so much I’d buy three copies.

  5. In an effort to get through my podcast listening I recently started to listen to them on 2x speed. Since most of the people I listen to annunciate and speak slowly so we can understand them this really isn’t much of a big deal. Last night, I was listening to Five Hundy on my drive home and lost it a little during the Viator read, which was kind of chipmunky. Haha. Good times. Just another way to have fun with Five Hundy.

    I still have callers to listen to on my way to CES, but I may have to do that on normal speed. 🙂


  6. Three day weekend. What to do?

    Anyone else feeling Vegasy this weekend?

  7. Hey guys. Be on the lookout for a NEW Vegas show on Travel Channel in late March/early April. It’s called “America Caught on Camera: Vegas”.

    The cool thing is they contacted me to buy my footage of a Shadow Dancer I filmed a few years ago at Ceasars. Clip was only 40 seconds and if they air it, I get $200. They found it on YouTube.

    So no matter how short, upload your clips!!

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