Five Hundy by Midnight #345: Gambling Trifecta

Las Vegas podcast #345 includes:

  • Kathy Griffin On Crutches opener
  • Gambling with Tim and Michele: Batman, Joker’s Heist edition
  • Gambling with Tim and Michele: Lord of the Rings Two Towers edition
  • Gambling with Tim and Michele: Wizard of Oz edition
  • Our sponsor, Viator
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11 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight #345: Gambling Trifecta

  1. LVH stepping up its promo offers.

    Pretty amazing really, as last time we stepped into the Hilton
    was about four years ago and that was with minimum gambling.

    Just received an offer for four nights for $139, which includes
    $100 food credit and no resort fees ( to be used by end of Dec ).

    Need to go back to Vegas NOW!

  2. Ok re-read its not $100 food credit but $100 of food deal offers, but still pretty good.

    Or they are offering a three night package for $139 which includes 2 free buffets, the $100 food vouchers, welcome cocktails, 2 for 1 show tickets, $10 slot play and 2 entries to fitness centre.

    Not bad really. Though personaly I think they should do a deal with the monorail and offer some sort of free monorail passes with room deal to entice.

  3. all that money you get from donations and the amazon affiliate commissions you beg for and you can only spend 5-10 dollars at a slot when you record these?

    otherwise keep up the great work…

  4. O.K. let’s talk gambling with Tim and Michele.

    Although I do enjoy the segments, you really should study the machines before you start playing.

    For example, you should know that you need the yellow symbol in Batman/Joker to get into the road race, you should know that the miles mean SFA in LOTR unless you get a bonus, etc.

    The problem is that you two, especially Tim are not truly seasoned slot players so you don’t stud the machines as we do you just play them. That’s the fun of the games.

    And yes my wife does think I am ctazy that I study the games as I play.

    Hope you had a great trip and the view from the back tower is nice at the Cosmo.


  5. Enough with the “here’s what you ought to do” comments.

    What Tim and Michele ought to do is enjoy Las Vegas however they see fit. They should spend what they want to spend, and study as much (or as little) as they want to study. Otherwise, the terrorists win.

  6. Enjoy the gambling with T&M.

    Re: Batman slots though. Been a while since I played it, but if you
    are freaked out by all the clowns, can’t you change and play as Batman instead to get different art ?

    The Wizard of Oz community slots. We had an amazing run on a bank of these, at Ceasars Palace. The group bonus came up continiously. Think all four players walked away with at least $300 each. Was a lucky day!

    I think Chris is right. Looking forward to High Limit Gambling with Tim & Michele, the $100 slots edition.

  7. Tim & Michelle

    Great to meet you guys on Sunday. I’ll talk to someone and see if we can’t that slot machine idea off the ground. At least a prototype should be possible. 🙂

  8. Chris:

    I think you’re the only person clamoring for longer versions of Gambling with Tim and Michele. I promise to use every penny of your next Paypal donation on an extra special gambling edition of the show.

  9. As usual gambling with Tim and Michele proves to be the most entertaining segment of the show.

    Makes me wish my next trip was coming up sooner rather than later.

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