Las Vegas Room Tour: Red Rock Resort

During my most recent Las Vegas trip, I had the opportunity to stay at Red Rock Resort for a few nights. While there, I shot some video of the room for your enjoyment.

I thoroughly enjoyed Red Rock Resort’s accommodations. The bed was super comfortable and had tons of pillows, which I always appreciate. The room had plenty of surface space for working and didn’t feel the least bit cramped. The design reminded me of Golden Nugget’s Rush Tower rooms, which I also really liked. I highly recommend Red Rock. If you’re not opposed to staying off-Strip (way way off-Strip), give it a shot.


5 thoughts on “Las Vegas Room Tour: Red Rock Resort

  1. Very nice. Shower looks a little small, but you were alone, unlike the Secret Service. Not sure about the grain on the marble in the washroom, a little loud I think.

    You are correct about he pillows. A bit of overkil I think. Is that a Queen bed?

    If you wanted to rock climb as part of your visit ( I have a client who loves Vegas soley for the paths at Red Rock) it would be ideal.

    A little to far off the beaten path for me though.


  2. The shower was very spacious. The bed was king size. Although I could have done with out the decorative pillows, I like having a lot of regular pillows, so I was quite happy.

    Thanks, Dab.

  3. Was that a real king sized bed, or a “hotel” king sized bed. My initial thought before reading any of the comments was that that the bed looked kind of small. I am disappointed if king sized beds are shrinking in hotel rooms now!

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