Five Hundy by Midnight #352: MJH’s Worst Nightmare

Las Vegas podcast #352 includes:

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15 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight #352: MJH’s Worst Nightmare

  1. Porta potties, shipping containers, smelly Las Vegas Club, free white castles at El Cortez on Memorial Day.

    Now that last one is a gem which I would not have known about if you hadn’t mentioned it. Being originally from the east coast, White Castle territory, I am interested in the white castle giveaway.

    They had better give them away liberally though – not like drink service waiting 20 minutes for one belly bomber.

    I see that El Cortez has done this before, but I have never seen it. Does anyone know if El Cortez will make it worth my while in the form of White Castles if I sit down to play, or do they have the food police petering the little squares out slowly?

  2. MJH was in Maxim back in the day, and supposedly got in trouble with her handlers at Disney over it, (who owns ABC) because the show she was on, Sabrina the Teenage Witch was supposed to be kid friendly.

  3. Eh, she does nothing for me. I wouldn’t fuck her with Drunk Scott’s dick.

  4. True story: My brother was going to name his first daughter “Sabrina”. I warned him that the school yard taunting would certainly be “Sabrina the teen age bitch”. My lovely niece, Rebecca, will thank me one day.

  5. Regarding White Castles at El Cortez, I have been there when they were doing that in the past. Expect the experience to be similar to drink service (if not slower). A lady is pushing a cart around through the casino, and she has to go through the whole casino. There may be two carts roaming, but I only saw the cart come around twice when they were doing it and I was there.

  6. Thanks Mark. I love the line “Expect the experience to be similar to drink service (if not slower).” I might show up for entertainment purposes; then again it is getting hot, and when the sun is out it might take more than a roaming White Castle cart to get me going.

  7. We have eaten at Tinoco’s a few times. Always a good meal at a fair price. Hate to see it close at the Las Vegas Club. They had a snack bar with a cook top grille open just outside Tinoco’s when we were there a couple months ago. I recall it kept pretty long hours and had breakfast and hamburgers, etc.

  8. I think I just purchased upcoming listener item of the week from Amazon. Seems like we ought to be able to make up some sort of contest.

  9. I can confirm that Tinoco Express is closed as well. Both restaurants have a sign indicating that the closure is temporary. The lobster dunk tank in front of Tinoco’s is gone, thankfully.

    Looking forward to Tim’s new website,

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