Las Vegas Room Tour: Four Queens

In March, I spent one glorious night in a big, old (and I do mean old) room at Four Queens. Decorated like your grandma’s house, the room needed nothing more than a bowl of ribbon candy or Wurther’s Originals to complete the motif. I give you The Golden Girls Suite…


6 thoughts on “Las Vegas Room Tour: Four Queens

  1. Oh dear…
    The exact second that tile became out of date was when the installer did the final rinse after the grout was troweled in. And then there are the fake plants…oh, yes, there are fake plants.
    Just how many ways of wrong is this room?

  2. I stayed in the 4 Queens over a year ago in a standard room. I traveled solo that time and was scared shitless because I was at the end of a dark hallway near an exit door. That flimsey security chain was ridiculous. I didn’t feel safe at all. It wouldn’t take much for someone to kick that door in.

    Although the rooms are dated, excuse me, vintage it was very clean.

  3. Four Queens is our go to place for staying downtown. It was a random Expedia choice years ago, and I guess we’ve been lucky enough to have remodeled rooms.

    One year we were jonesing so bad for Vegas we stayed at Vegas Club. Never again, concrete furniture, only one working elevator, and of course the famous stink. We did love the restaurant there for breakfasts…sorry to hear it closed.

    Our last trip was one of the last weeks the Fitz was around. The Fitz was our favorite place for Blackjack, and the comps have always been above and beyond what we play…but the room was horrid. Looking forward to see what D rooms are upgraded to.

    Back to Four Queens….Chicago Brewing Co is our favorite place to site, rest, eat, and drink great beer.

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