Five Hundy by Midnight #385: Lions and Hooters and Ferris Wheels, Oh My

Las Vegas podcast #385 includes:

  • Lewis Black opener
  • Hooters renovates
  • Aria closes Skybox
  • Rockhouse is reopening
  • MGM lions reappear
  • Parabounce hooks up with Skyvue
  • Total Rewards tier change rumors
  • Our sponsor, Viator
  • Our sponsor, Vegas Mate
  • 2013 Las Vegas wishes and speculation
  • Listener calls about Rock of Ages, Seinfeld, Legends in Concert, Gordon Ramsay Pub, Wazuzu and a few other Las Vegas things
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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6 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight #385: Lions and Hooters and Ferris Wheels, Oh My

  1. Back from vegas-super crowded during Christmas but lots of fun-enjoyed seeing two dudes making out in Eiffel Tower and dirty Sponge Bob on the strip. Cosmo rocks-our new fav place. Happy New Year!

  2. Jbtw-just kidding-didnt really enjoy seeing all that saliva swapping in teh tower-super noisy! heheh

  3. Michelle,
    You mentioned that it would be god to be buzzed and see Rock of Ages. How about 4 Sinatra Smashes before the show and a Belvedere on the rocks at the show…. Oh ya… you could say buzzed!!! FYI, the Bourbon Room was kind of dead before the show, that is why we went in early and got a drink and listened to the music they were playing in the theatre.
    Also, a live podcast from the observation wheel!!!! Sign me up now!!!

  4. Just have to Say I hate you Mlife players club , you piece of shit web site, Fuck!

    Great show as always. Happy 2013 all.

  5. Around the house, it’s amazing how much more fun the husband-wife conversations are, when you add the suffix “with a dildo?” to each other’s sentences.

    Fremont Gene!
    Starkville, Mississippi

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