Goodbye, Coyote Ugly

After a 12-year run at New York New York, Coyote Ugly is closing at the end of February. The bar, (I can’t consider it a nightclub because they admitted me while wearing my usual footwear) known for scantily clad female bartenders who dance on the bar every 10 minutes (yeehaw), came to Las Vegas shortly after a shitty movie was made about the original New York location in 2000.

I rarely post stuff like this, but after I received and confirmed a tip about the closing from listener @vegasrebel10, I figured I might as well take advantage of this news by breaking an always-exciting Five Hundy exclusive. Drink it in and savor it.

No word on what New York New York has planned for the space.

Update: MGM Resorts and Coyote Ugly reached a deal to keep the place open.

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