Las Vegas podcast #395 includes:

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8 Responses to “FHBM #395: How a Resurrection of Echelon Really Feels”

  1. 1 steven hironaka

    Okay, without even listening to the podcast, went to the amazon site (via the five hundy link) and bought ‘roll the bones’. I got to support Dave and Tim with one click

  2. 2 50invegas

    Ditto. Got the kindle edition through the fivehundy link.

  3. 3 ray

    This is the bummer part, when iTunes has not caught up yet and I can’t download the podcast to my iPod. How am I supposed to get to sleep anyway without tim and michelle to read me a story 🙁

  4. 4 joe sedita

    Been to Resorts World in Manila-very nice place, excited to see that new place in Vegas!

  5. 5 Justin

    A Hold Steady reference! My favorite band. God bless you, Tim and Michelle! Can we get them to be the house band for VIMFP? They are Twin Cities based… Im sure you can make that happen!

  6. 6 Rob

    I couldn’t agree more with being happy about returning to “theming” I’ve had several discussions with friends about how nondescript the new hotels are. The themed resorts add to the whole ‘adult carnival’ atmosphere.

    Of course, Aria could/should be known as the death-ray resort… Too bad they fixed it, I loved reading about people having their plastic bar cups melting poolside.

  7. 7 DrDave

    Steven and 50inVegas–thanks! Hope you like it.

  8. 8 Kabobit

    Great job on the podcast. It’s more interesting than most radio.

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