FHBM #429: Just Like Paradise

Las Vegas podcast #429 includes:

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8 Responses to “FHBM #429: Just Like Paradise”

  1. 1 Sue from UK

    British Dollars ??? Really Tim

  2. 2 Tim

    Did I really say British dollars? That’s horrible.

  3. 3 Tim

    Nope… just listened back. I said British pounds. Whew.

  4. 4 GregM

    Carl Ferris does not go by “The Sax Man”. His moniker is “Safe-Sax”. Personally I think the saxophone is the one of the most annoying sounding instruments on the planet. However, I really admire this guy’s work ethic. If you look at his web site http://www.safe-sax.com his calendar shows that he performs every night of the month from 7-11. It’s pretty hard to find anyone these days that works 7 days a week. He does take an odd day off here and there. There must be good money in hawking those CDs.

  5. 5 Tim

    I stand corrected. Safe Sax isn’t bad.

  6. 6 Keith N. / Houston

    I have mixed feelings about Sirens closing, I didn’t care much for the show butvI hate the constant detheaming of the strip. It feels like the strip is looking its personality . For example you could take a picture of City Center and show it to someone who has never been to Vegas and they couldn’t tell you what city it is in.

  7. 7 David Young

    Thanks for the thermostat trick. You can find at
    I was going to share the fireman’s elevator trick, but I guess it is just a myth.
    Thanks for keeping us “in” Vegas!

  8. 8 David Young

    and for the other type of thermostat….

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