FHBM #437: Today is My Friday

Las Vegas podcast #437 includes:

  • Haunted Collector opener
  • Skyvue update
  • TI’s retail addition looks odd
  • Bobby’s Burger Palace opens Jan. 29
  • Taxicab Authority puts up some signs
  • Our sponsor, Viator
  • Listener calls about Aria, Celine Dion, Luxor, Banger Brewing, Pizza Rock, King’s Ransom, Haute Doggery, B&B, Blondie’s, Purple Zebra, slot machines, Downtown Grand, Bally’s, Downtown Cocktail Room, Wayfarer, The Boozery, Scullery, Downtown Container Park, MGM Grand, Bouchon, Five50, Vato Cigars, Absinthe, Pinup Pizza and more Las Vegasy stuff
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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3 thoughts on “FHBM #437: Today is My Friday

  1. Saying that TI’s retail addition looks odd is generous. It looks like either a dreary short lived mall from a small town, or one step short of a child’s medical center.

    I am infuriated. I am incensed. I am irate.

    Think RoyVegas will cover the opening of the TI mall? No. No. No.

    I will NOT!

    Hey here’s a great idea. Let’s do the same thing with the fountains at Bellagio. I’m sure Steve Wynn types would love that, all the way up until The Strip is a mall with slot machines and rooms. [It’s half way there isn’t it?]

    What happened? Did the guy with no imagination from Luxor get moved to TI?

    How is it even TI anymore?

    My guess is that they’ll build this dull looking mall, as cheap as it looks, with the intent of replacing TI in 5 years, (a guess).

    Good luck with your defacto detheme butcher job TI. Farewell.

  2. Ahh, the good old days. $2.50 Vegas blow jobs. I’m sure there was something else in the deal, but for some reason, I’ve forgotten what it was….

  3. I personally lost count of how many Walgreens and CVS stores we have on the strip is it going to be a requirement that in addition two rooms in casinos and restaurants Hotel must have a mega drugstore. not only is the strip the same thing but it is actually starting to look ugly with all the drug stores that we have on the strip now.

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